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AdvantaClean basement waterproofing service provider has more than two decades of experience and is well aware of the most effective and the best industry standards in basement waterproofing and mold remediation. We have handled thousands of basement waterproofing cases and are well aware of what works best in a particular situation. The problem of waterproofing varies according to weather and other local conditions and we know how we are to deal with a problem in an areas where snow is 30 inch deep or in an area where summer humidity increases the chances of mold growth. Whatever your requirement is, we will be able to exceed your expectations.
Our technicians are known for their friendly and promptly service. With our waterproofing and moisture control service, we can provide you with a permanent solution to your problem. If you have a perception that it’s not possible to cure a wet or musty basement, you should call us and we are confident of changing your perception forever.

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At AdvantaClean have studied the problem of basement waterproofing deeply. To solve the problem, you really need to figure out if the moisture is coming from outside or inside or due to high level of humidity. Most of the companies don’t try to analyze such situations deeply and that is why they are not able to deal with the problem properly. So, you can turn to us for a permanent and reliable solution.

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