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Success Stories

Location: Norwalk, CT 06906

Problem: A water intrusion in an unoccupied office was the cause of confirmed mold growth.

Solution: We had to remove sheet rock 4 feet from the ground as well as all insulation that was behind. All flooring needed to be discarded as well. We discarded contaminated desks too. Space was then cleaned according to IICRC industry standards which resulted in a passed clearance. 

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Location: Norwalk, CT 06850

Problem: Continuous leak from plumbing under the kitchen sink caused mold growth on kitchen wall behind the cabinets. A bathroom exhaust that was not vented to the outside sent moisture in to the attic and caused mold growth on the plywood sheathing.

Solution: Plumber fixed the leak in the kitchen. We had to remove all cabinets and kitchen flooring as mold had grown under the hardwood and on the subfloor. Remove all the attic insulation which exposed more mold on the sheetrock ceiling. Clean all cavities and remove sheetrocked ceiling...clean all stains on plywood sheathing and encapsulate with a clear coat sealant. 

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