Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Mount Vernon, NY

AdvantaClean has been providing light environmental cleaning since 1994, and in that time, it has opened dozens of locations across the U.S. We're proud to be able to serve home and business owners in Mount Vernon, NY.

No matter where you are, you can count on getting prompt service from us; even if you have an emergency, you can take advantage of our 24/7 availability. Below is a brief outline of what we do.

Mold Removal

When you see mold in your basement, bathroom, or other space, don't hesitate to get mold remediation. Our certified technicians can use HEPA vacuums on almost any surface, and we'll encapsulate those surfaces that don't give up their mold. The antimicrobial chemical we use to disinfect surfaces has been approved by the EPA and won't harm your health or the environment.

If you're not sure if mold is in your property, you could request a mold inspection. We can identify most forms of mold on sight, and if there's something we can't identify, we'll let a lab analyze it. We'll also measure the quantity of this fungus in the atmosphere using our mold testing kits.

Mold prevention is another specialty of ours. For example, we can perform crawl space encapsulation, which will take away two conditions for mold growth: namely, high humidity and the presence of condensation. After measuring the dimensions of your crawl space, we'll install and tightly seal a plastic membrane, called a vapor barrier, over your walls and dirt floor.

Water Damage Restoration

Our IICRC-certified team is known for its detailed mitigation work. We can easily take on the water removal thanks to our portable and truck-mounted pumps, and we'll dry the interior in no time using high-powered fans and floor scrubbers. Any furniture that has incurred water damage will be dried and sanitized since there's no telling what the floodwaters brought in.

We know various ways to prevent flooding, though we can't perform the tasks ourselves. To prevent damage to the walls in your basement, consider our basement waterproofing services. Our concrete coating is more durable than the average waterproofing paint.

AdvantaClean can work with all insurance companies. If you're going to file a claim, we'll help you document the flood and the damage it caused so that you can obtain the maximum compensation.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years; that way, you can maintain good indoor air quality and an efficient HVAC system. We'll clean every nook and cranny and even treat the ducts for mold and mildew growth, if applicable.

If your clothes dryer is taking longer to do its job, and if its lid is getting unnaturally hot to the touch, the problem may be lint buildup. We'll perform dryer vent cleaning to resolve this.

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As a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional, AdvantaClean upholds the highest standards for work and conduct. Our local branch does no differently here in Mount Vernon, NY. Give us a call to ask any questions or to schedule your consultation, and we'll provide a quote for your approval.

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