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NADCA Image logoComplete cleaning of your home or office’s air duct system -- and doing it right the first time – are the top priorities for AdvantaClean of Harrison Township. We’ll ensure you receive the HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning service that you deserve, at a cost that is probably less than you think.


Your facility’s HVAC system will work most optimally when the air ducts are regularly cleaned. Good indoor air quality is important for our well-being, and in office environments, it can increase productivity. We recommend a professional HVAC system cleaning at least once per year.

Regular air duct cleaning:

  • Reduces dirt, debris, pollen and dust mites that cause allergies
  • Eliminates ugly odors
  • Improves HVAC system energy efficiency
  • Prevents the potential for mold growth


Remove potentially dangerous indoor air particles before they cause illnesses. When dust, dirt, pollen and other particles in air ducts interact with condensation moisture, mold and bacteria have a great place to multiply and grow. Don’t wait to clean the air ducts after people don’t feel well from allergens, clean them regularly to protect people and your property. Keep your HVAC System in Peak Condition.

When air ducts are clean, the filters are cleaner too. It won’t take as much energy to pull air through the filters, which means the HVAC system won’t have to work too hard to heat or cool the entire building. Dirty HVAC air ducts cost more than $10,000 in maintenance costs over the lifetime of a system, and if a compressor breaks that cost could more than double.


We’ve cleaned HVAC air ducts for high-rise buildings, small offices, data centers, university facilities, government buildings, retail malls, restaurants and rental properties – not to mention homes and apartments. Our service area includes the cities of Clinton Township, Eastpointe, Fraser, Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, Mount Clemens, Roseville, Saint Clair Shores, and Sterling Heights. Our licensed, professional service technicians are trained at our headquarters in Huntersville, NC. They follow heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC) restoration standards by NCADA. Let us help you reduce costs and improve air quality by performing air duct cleaning in your facility.

Our cleaning process provides better indoor air quality, to keep people breathing easier. Contact AdvantaClean of Harrison Township to boost indoor air quality by bringing back your HVAC systems to peak efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning Before and After

before and after cleaning

AdvantaClean is a premium Air Duct Cleaning company in Sterling Heights & Roseville that provides custom air duct cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties. With our expertise, we help you ensure the longevity and optimum performance of your HVAC system. Our services are geared towards providing you with healthy air and maintenance-free equipment.


Air ducts circulate heated or cooled air through the rooms of a building. These lifelines of an HVAC system protect the inhabitants of a house from extreme weather conditions by keeping the interior comfortable. However, in this process of circulation, these ducts gather dust, bacteria, and mold as years pass by. If not cleaned at regular intervals, the contaminants in air ducts may spread and cause allergies and illness. The accumulated dust may clog the air ducts and damage the whole HVAC system.


AdvantaClean of Sterling Heights & Roseville offers tailor-made air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings. Our seasoned experts first study a client's cleaning requirements and then do the actual cleaning. They have access to the latest cleaning technology and equipment for making air ducts spick-and-span.


AdvantaClean adheres to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) regulations to offer world-class cleaning services to its customers. All the cleaning operations are supervised by a seasoned engineer. Access holes in the main duct line are sealed as per the NADCA regulations.

With our air duct cleaning services, you will have:

  • Cleaner air free of pathogens and contaminants
  • Odor-free and fresh air
  • Hassle-free and energy-efficient HVAC system
  • Mold-free and maintenance-free equipment

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