Sterling Heights Mold Removal Services

AdvantaClean of Sterling Heights and Roseville is a Licensed Mold Remediation Company

Mold removal and remediation Mold in homes, office buildings, manufacturing units, and storerooms are a menace to property and human health. They contaminate indoor air, cause structural damage to property and become a leading reason for failing health. However, with our rapid mold removal process, toxic mold can become a thing of the past.


Mold being a nuisance to health, property and environment, we try to keep them away from you as far as possible. AdvantaClean of Sterling Heights & Roseville, a locally owned and operated contractor of AdvantaClean in Harrison Township, offers professional mold testing and mold cleanup services. Our prompt, swift and durable mold solutions rescue thousands of homes and commercial properties from experiencing permanent damage.

Our team consists of highly trained mold restoration specialists who use industry-approved mold assessment, inspection, remediation, and maintenance techniques. We decontaminate and sanitize every mold-affected material and restore it to its original condition.


We are a trusted environmental disaster recovery company with years of experience in the field. Our mold inspection and mold removal services are reasonably priced in comparison to other agencies. We deliver exactly what we promise and we charge for only what manage to accomplish.

Benefits from mold removal

  • Unearthing of the mold source
  • Preventing mold from spreading further
  • Systematic cleaning that leaves no trace behind
  • Safety for homeowners and employees
  • Minimization of destruction to property

On top of this, you can see an increase in the the resale value of home by reducing the extent of damage that molds cause. In other words, we make the task of dealing with mold less stressful.

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