For light environmental cleaning, you can't go wrong with AdvantaClean. We combine the warm customer care of a local business with the professional work of a national franchise. Everything we do here in Auburn, WA, is in accordance with the highest industry standards, and we comply with EPA and OSHA health regulations.

Both residential and commercial clients are welcome. When customers have an emergency, they can take advantage of our 24-hour availability, or they can schedule an appointment if their project can wait.

Mold Removal

Mold exposure can lead to flu-like conditions, respiratory problems, and even memory loss, so let us provide mold remediation the minute you find this fungus in your property. Our vacuums can rid almost any surface of mold; the only exception might be porous materials like wood, which will have to be encapsulated. We'll disinfect all surfaces with an EPA-approved chemical.

If you don't know whether there's mold in your property, consider getting a mold inspection. We can identify most forms of mold based on their appearance and odor, and we'll take samples of whatever we can't identify. Our team will also use mold testing kits to determine its quantity in the atmosphere.

Do you have a crawl space? This area can be very attractive to mold, which is why we offer crawl space encapsulation. Our vapor barriers will lower humidity and keep water from condensing on your surfaces.

Water Damage Restoration

Hire our IICRC-certified technicians for flood mitigation. We've handled everything from natural disasters to pipe leaks and spills, and we can tailor our work to any situation. The first thing we'll most likely do is perform a quick but thorough water removal. We'll even track down seepage and address leaks behind walls. We'll then dry the interior using high-powered fans and floor scrubbers.

If any belongings incurred water damage, let us move them outside for drying and sanitizing. Our team can also run dehumidifiers in areas like attics and basements where humidity is already high. We do offer basement waterproofing, which can prevent structural damage in the event of another flood.

Whenever flooding is covered under insurance, we can help customers with the paperwork. We'll do what we can to see that you receive maximum compensation.

Air Duct Cleaning

If your rooms are being heated or cooled unevenly, the problem may be a clog in the air duct. Let us enter the attic or crawl space and vacuum out the debris in your ducts. We'll tell you about any leaks we find in the ducts, and we'll treat the inside for any mold and mildew growth.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Another specialty of ours is dryer vent cleaning. Let us remove the lint from your vent before it poses a fire hazard.

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Our franchise has been around for more than 20 years, and in that time it has continually refined its services. To schedule an appointment and get a quote for your next project, give AdvantaClean a call today.

Our service area covers Auburn and surrounding cities in the Puget Sound region.

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