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When's The Last Time You Had Your Coils Cleaned?

coil cleaningHVAC systems, either in home or commercial properties, are complex structures that remain involved in round-the-clock exchange and transfer of heat and cold air. Heating and cooling coils are often the first casualty of dust, debris, moisture, mold and insect infiltration. When compressor coils in AC units contaminated by any of these agents, it effects your overall indoor air quality.

Effects on Contaminated Coils:

  • Less-than-optimal heat transfer/extraction
  • Accumulation of heat in condenser
  • Heat rejection by condenser
  • Drop in energy efficiency
  • Ineffective cooling
  • Fall in indoor air quality
  • Air-borne particles that can cause illness

This leads to system inefficiency and even compressor failure, which brings our attention to the need for annual coil cleaning. You must never ignore any early signs of compressor coil contamination; otherwise, you may pay a heavy price for it sooner or later.

How AdvantaClean of the South Sound Can Help You

Cost of dirty coils chartWe recommend scheduled coil cleaning for homes, offices, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Energy wastage, degradation of indoor air quality, and over-expenditure are some of the problems concerning heating and cooling systems that we help our clients avert or overcome. With our regular inspection and cleaning program, you can avoid costly HVAC failure or repair.

Coil Cleaning Methods:

  • Chemical solutions cleaning
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Use of detergents
  • Pump sprayer foaming
  • Compressed air cleaning

Our dedicated technicians are trained to offer only the best services wherever they go. The compressor coil restoration that we do results in a more energy-efficient HVAC system, lower electricity bills, and better indoor air quality. This is irrespective of the extent of damage done to a system.

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