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Mold Removal in Attic in Tampa, FL

The growth of mold and moisture in your attic area can be dangerous for the safety and stability of your building as these two things grow very fast. One mold spore can give birth to 12 million mold spores in 12 hours. Such a high rate of mold growth can gradually encompass your entire building. If you wish to avoid such a scenario, investing some money in attic mold remediation would be a good idea.

At AdvantaClean of Tampa know how we are to deal with different kinds of mold such as pink or black mold. Our attic solutions can solve many of the problems related to attic moisture and mold. We can add a layer of insulation in your attic that will help you properly maintain air ventilation and keep rodents and other dust mites at bay.

Why attic moisture can be dangerous

The attic area is often ignored by homeowners as taking care of it is not a part of any building code and that is why homeowners don’t want to invest in it. This place is often used as a storage area in buildings. Over time, due to lack of air ventilation and increasing humidity, it becomes a breeding ground for molds and dust mites.

How we work

We have more than two decades of experience in such kind of services. We work in a different way, which will be evident from the way our technicians will explain things to you. This is what they will do:

  • Inspect your home and evaluate different options
  • Seal your attic area properly to avoid any leakages to cut water flow
  • Cover openings such as softfits
  • Seal the area around chimneys and seal smaller holes
  • Try maintaining proper air ventilation in your attic area
  • Check attic ceilings for the presence of moisture
  • Remove and sanitize moldy surface with the most modern equipment and effective chemicals

In addition to this, our services will surely suit your pocket and requirements. So what are you waiting for? Call us now.

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