Basements are foundation stones of any building but these are also highly ignored. They are often used as a dumping yard for debris in Tampa buildings. Basement moisture and leakage are the most common problems that building owners face. The problem is as old as basement itself as water has a tendency to leak from any possible point. Such problems do not suggest that building construction is poor, but that you need to take proper steps to fix the issue. Some people believe that their basement foundation is so strong that it can’t leak. It’s a wrong notion – as the leakage may happen differently.

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Causes Of Basement Moisture

These are the reasons behind the occurrence of basement waterproofing problems in Tampa:

  • Floor Cracks – Many times due to some hydrostatic pressure, water enters into basements and presses upwards on the basement floor, thereby causing the floor to crack. When the water table increases, water seeps into the basement.
  • Concrete wall cracks: Non-structural crack in a concrete wall is the most common reason behind wall cracks. It directly affects the basement foundation.
  • Seepage from top foundation wall: A small gap between the top foundation wall and sill plate can lead to seepage in the long run due to rain.

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  • We at AdvantaClean of Tampa have been fixing such basement-related waterproofing problems for a long time. Our technicians are knowledgeable and certified to do your job quickly and effectively. We use the best industry practices to fix basement waterproofing. These are trusted and innovative methods. If you live in Tampa, we are the right contractor for all your different needs related to basement moisture, mold and waterproofing. Just call AdvantaClean of Tampa to learn about the best waterproofing quotes within your service area.

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