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AdvantaClean of Tampa is a Licensed Mold Remediation Company

Mold in Tampa, FLThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends if mold is suspected or found in any residence or commercial business, that licensed professionals be contacted immediately. Don’t leave mold testing and removal to a handyman or maintenance company. You can trust the certified professionals at AdvantaClean for accurate mold inspections and complete mold remediation. We have the experience and safety equipment that it takes to clean and disinfect mold and prevent serious health issues where people live and work.

When AdvantaClean tests for mold, we present you a complete report and an estimate of the work before we start. That includes walls, crawlspace, basements, attics, and HVAC air ducts – wherever mold grows. We’ll also look for the source of the mold growth, and repair any water damage that may be causing it. When the job is done, we’ll contract with an independent third-party inspector to make sure the mold is removed as much as possible – because we are that confident in our work for you.

AdvantaClean of Tamp is licensed by the State of Florida for inspections and removal:

  • Licensed State of Florida Mold Assessor MRSA771
  • Licensed State of Florida Mold Remediator MRSR825

Mold Growth

Active mold growth is a serious public health issue because people with weakened immune systems can suffer extreme allergic reactions. Mold grows out of plain sight, in dark, damp out-of-sight areas, such as on pipe insulation, inside walls with hidden water damage, or behind appliances where connections are leaking. Thanks to dirty HVAC systems, microscopic mold spores can quickly populate throughout a building, including the walls, floors, and ceilings - especially in warm, humid areas of the country like central Florida. As the mold spores are carried through the air, they settle in other areas of the home or business. At this point, people begin to smell the musty, moldy air when they enter the home or a room.

Mold Symptoms

Usually the first warning signs of a mold problem are the complaints from people who are suffering from extreme allergies that aren’t seasonal. Mold spores in the air result in allergic reactions that include: nose, throat, and eye irritation; coughing and respiratory infections; and severe, frequent headaches. These symptoms can be misinterpreted as seasonal allergies or migraine headaches.

Unfortunately the building is literally sick. The people living or working there feeling the brunt of the symptoms. If enough people complain about a certain area of the building where they feel worse, you might be able to track down the source of the mold growth. This might lead you to think that you can safely remove the mold yourself, or contract with a handyman or maintenance company to do it for you. That would be a huge mistake – you can make the mold infection worse. Please call a professional such as AdvantaClean to get an accurate mold test and inspection.

Experienced Mold Removal mold removal in Tampa, FL

An experienced, certified mold remediation company such as AdvantaClean uses the safest and most effective equipment and processes. Otherwise you open yourself up to health and safety risks, not to mention liability issues.

AdvantaClean’s proven system begins with a complete mold inspection. Then trained technicians contain and clean the mold using HEPA vacuuming, HEPA air filtering, antimicrobial wipe-downs and other specialized methods when necessary. Our specialists wear proper protection and breathing equipment to stay safe during the mold remediation.

That’s important because when mold is disturbed, it releases microscopic spores that look for new places to grow. If the building is not remediated properly, the mold infestation will return in just a few weeks – but this time in a different area in the building. For this reason, AdvantaClean offers an independent, third-part inspection to make sure the mold spores are not in the air. We stand by our work at AdvantaClean because we have removed mold completely from hospitals, offices, apartments, restaurants and, of course, homes.

Don’t take chances with the health and safety of the people you care about at home and at work. Reserve a mold inspection from AdvantaClean of Tampa today. We serve the entire metro area including: Brandon, Lutz, Seffner, Temple Terrace, Thonotosassa, and Wesley Chapel. We take mold seriously for you. Contact AdvantaClean today!

We work with some of the best Mold Assessment Consultants in the Industry and we can guide you through the entire process of mold remediation.

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