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What do you do when you smell something musty or you find a spot that looks like it might be mold? You call AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana! We’re the mold removal and mold remediation experts who have all the best mold inspection and mold testing equipment, plus highly trained crews with the most sophisticated HEPA-filtered suction systems to make black mold and other mildew spots disappear. We’ll find every spot of black mold with our advanced mold testing and mold inspection technology, even the mold behind the walls that you can’t see, and then we’ll get rid of it for good with our proven mold remediation techniques. When it’s time for comprehensive mold removal in your home or office, it’s time to contact AdvantaClean!

What about water damage? Are you facing an unexpected flooding nightmare, like a sewer cleanup? No matter your flood cleanup situation, we’re standing by with our world-class water removal and water damage restoration teams to make your moisture mitigation happen right away. Water damage can be a headache, to say the least – that’s why you need the very best when it comes to water damage restoration, and that’s what you’ll get when you trust AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana with your flooding mitigation and water removal services. We’ll get you back to life at home and work without the hassle of a flood cleanup or sewer cleanup. We’re the best in the business and we guarantee your complete satisfaction, so stop waiting and get in touch with us now!

You probably prefer to breathe cleaner air as opposed to the kind that’s filled with dust, dander, lint and other allergens, right? If so, then contact AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana today for the finest air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services available in the Midwest. We put our powerful HEPA-filtered vacuums to work in your ductwork to get rid of all those dirty particles that have been collecting since your last cleaning. A dryer vent cleaning will save you money on your utility bills and it will minimize your risk of a dryer vent fire. Our air duct cleaning services will get your HVAC system performing at higher efficiency and best of all, you’ll be breathing easier knowing that your indoor air quality is the best it’s been in a long time. We’re standing by – cleaner air from your attic to your basement is only a call or a click away!

Think about all the moisture that seeps into your basement or creeps into the underside of your home through the crawl space – basement moisture and crawl space moisture can have significant negative impacts on your indoor air quality and even the value of your property. If you’ve been thinking about a basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation service, then there’s never been a better time than now to reach out to AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana because we love making excess crawl space moisture and basement moisture disappear from the lower level of homes and businesses! While they may sound expensive, a crawl space encapsulation or basement waterproofing service can actually help pay for themselves over the long haul because you’ll be avoiding costly repairs to your property from water damage and moisture control problems that can affect your foundation and the bones of your structure. So call us today to learn more and we’ll get you moving towards comprehensive moisture control from your attic to your basement.

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You deserve clean spaces for living and working, so for the kind of moisture mitigation services that will leave you with the healthiest air to breathe and the cleanest surfaces possible, it’s time to reach out to AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana. We take serving our neighbors seriously and we look forward to earning your business because it’s not truly clean until it’s AdvantaClean!

Call the restoration experts of AdvantaClean of West Central Indiana at (765) 780-3057 today!

Serving: Bainbridge, Cloverdale, Fillmore, Greencastle, Paragon, Putnamville, Reelsville, Roachdale, Russellville, Coal City, Freedom, Gosport, Patricksburg, Quincy, Spencer, Blanford, Bloomingdale, Bowling Green, Brazil, Carbon, Centerpoint, Clay City, Clinton, Cory, Dana, Fontanet, Hillsdale, Marshall, Mecca, Montezuma, New Goshen, Poland, Rockville, Rosedale, Staunton, West Terre Haute, Alamo, Cayuga, Covington, Crawfordsville, Hillsboro, Kingman, Ladoga, Mellott, New Market, Newport, New Ross, Perrysville, Veedersburg, Waveland, Waynetown, and surrounding areas.

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“Our franchisees are generous, charitable and eager to continue finding ways to give back. They have been very vocal about their excitement about our partnership with St. Jude, and they are excited to be participating and are ready to make a mark on such a worthy cause.”

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