Case Studies

Water Damage Removal in Brighton, CO

Location: Brighton, CO 80601

Problem: This large water damage and mold removal project started from a boiler unit failing and blowing hot steam under the house. For several days, the entire crawl space was saturated with moisture. Soon after, mold growth was visible and the need for mold removal and our dry-out services were immediate.

Solution: Our crew removed all the crawl space contents, documented, inventoried, cleaned, and repacked all the effected goods into new storage containers and boxes. The next step was to remove all the insulation and other biodegradable materials from the area. A detailed HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping of all the permanent wooden structures throughout the crawlspace was completed. The areas where mold growth was heavy, sanding was completed. Each one of these mitigation steps was completed again to ensure all mold was removed. Next, fans, heating units (E-Tes), dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers were placed to begin the drying process. Once the drying standard was reached, an encapsulation was applied to all the wood surfaces throughout the crawlspace. Lastly, a anti-microbial was applied to the soil and a vapor barrier was installed to help keep the area clean and safe for the customer. Water damage removal and mold removal was performed and the customer was very satisfied.

black mold after water damage water damage in basement in Brighton CO

mold covering the crawl space materials water damage drying in Brighton CO

Pipe Break Led to water damage in Thornton, CO

Location: Thornton, CO 80229

Problem: The home owners left town to visit their family for the holidays. During their absence, a frigid arctic front crept into the Denver, Thornton, and Brighton areas that brought sub zero temperatures for multiple days in a row. Several pipes throughout the majority the home froze and water leaked from the first and second floor, walls and ceiling. The owners arrived home after vacation to find wet drywall hanging from the ceilings and standing water on the main floor and garage areas.

Solution: Advantaclean of NE Denver was notified and crews dispatched immediately. A thorough free inspection of the water damaged property was conducted using state of art thermo-imaging cameras and moisture meters. The customer was consulted and advised to file an insurance claim as the damages were going to be significantly expensive. The customer was unbelievably thankful, relieved and excited to hear that the restoration work would be entirely covered under their home owners insurance policy.
Crews started working immediately extracting water throughout the property. Once the bulk water was removed, E-Tes (heating units), air movers (fans), and dehumidifiers were set. Just days after the loss, the home was dry and the owners were able to move back into their home with little to no construction remodel work.

water damage from leaky pipe

water damage intrusion on drywall water damage drying underneath wet carpet

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning air duct cleaning and vent cleaning

Location: Brighton, CO 80601

Problem: The customer was having severe allergy symptoms causing her health problems inside the home. In cleaning the system, the customer was hopeful that her health issues would reside and she could enjoy her newly built home.

Solution: A thorough air duct cleaning using hepa vacuums, compressed air whips and brushes, along with an antimicrobial spray application throughout the supply, return, and main trunk lines was conducted. Before and after pictures were taken and shown to the customer. Shortly after the cleaning, the customer wrote us thanking us for the quality cleaning and also stated that her health and allergy symptoms had greatly improved.

Mold Removal

mold remediation mold removal

Problem: Property management company found mold in the crawlspaces of four conjoining apartment units.

Solution: We performed mold mitigation under the crawlspaces of all four 4 units and added a vapor barrier to combat moisture entering into the crawlspace and living spaces above.

Water Damage Sewer Cleanup

Location: Commerce City, CO 80022

Problem: The sewer line from the house had been clogged therefore category three water backed up into the entire basement. Musty/Moldy odors along with strong sewer gases spread throughout the house making it difficult for the owner to live inside the property.

Solution: After extensive cleaning, extraction, and packing out all of the affected items (clothes, collectibles, furniture, ext.), contaminated wall board and drywall was removed/ flood cut at 2 ft, placed into contained bags, and removed from the property. Lastly the drying equipment was then set to dry the structural materials.

water damage removal water damage drying and drywall extraction

water damage from a burst pipe

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