Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Battle Ground, WA

Environmental cleaning covers a wide range of tasks, most of which require a professional to handle. That's where AdvantaClean of Southwest Washington comes in.

We're available 24/7 to answer calls, and our employees can travel anywhere in Battle Ground, WA and surrounding areas.

We combine the warm customer care of a local business with the professional work of a national brand. AdvantaClean opened in 1994 and has been continually refining its services. Below is a brief summary of what those services are.

Mold Removal

Our technicians are certified in mold remediation and can easily handle the worst infestations. Our HEPA vacuums can remove mold from walls, ceilings, drainpipes, and other non-porous surfaces. Many structures made from porous materials, such as wood, will not respond so well to treatment; in such cases, we offer encapsulation. Our local team will end by wiping down all surfaces with an antimicrobial chemical.

You can also request mold testing for your Battle Ground property. We'll measure the amount of this fungus in the atmosphere, and if it exceeds a safe limit, we'll run an air scrubber. Our team will also perform a visual mold inspection.

Lastly, we can fortify your Battle Ground crawl space against future mold growth. In a process known as crawl space encapsulation, we'll lay a plastic vapor barrier across the walls and floor, which will keep water from condensing and even lower humidity levels.

Water Damage Restoration

We take on major flooding in addition to minor spills and plumbing leaks, so you can trust us to handle every step of mitigation. We'll start with a thorough water removal, even getting rid of the water that has trickled down, and we'll proceed to dry the inside with floor scrubbers and fans.

Our AdvantaClean of Southwest Washington team can then move any damaged belongings outside for drying and sanitizing. We'll steam clean your carpets and rugs and disinfect your upholstery with chlorine bleach. After the restoration, we can suggest ways to prevent future floods; basement waterproofing is available if you want to prevent damage in this vulnerable area. An employee can also explain the cause and extent of the water damage to your insurance company.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts can gather outdoor contaminants like dirt and pollen as well as indoor contaminants like pet hair and dander. They'll even take on the smell of tobacco smoke. To keep your indoor air as pure as possible, bring us over for cleaning. We'll enter the attic or crawl space, clean every nook and cranny, and even deodorize the ducts.

Dryer vent cleaning is another task that should be done on a regular basis in your Battle Ground home or business. Lint buildup can strain the dryer and even create a fire, so we'll be there in no time to remove it.

To Learn More About Our Services:
-Mold Removal
-Moisture Control
-Water Damage
-Crawl Space Encapsulation
-Air Duct Cleaning

If your vent exits out the roof, don't worry; our AdvantaClean of Southwest Washington team will go behind walls if necessary to deliver thorough results.

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At AdvantaClean, we present customers with accurate quotes before starting any scheduled work. We offer both residential and commercial services and can work in homes, apartments, malls, gyms, and other properties in Battle Ground, WA.

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