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Success Stories

Location: Washington, DC 20017

Problem: Mr. Brooks family noticed that the basement had a musty odor and worried it would cause health issues for the aging Mr Brooks. They had three companies review the issue and provide quotes. AdvantaClean was chosen to handle the job for Mr Brooks after 2 visits with him and several phone calls with his out of town son who was looking out for his father's financial interest.

Solution: AdvantaClean put together a comprehensive remediation plan for the basement. Papers and other potentially valuable items that were not contaminated were relocated to the living room for Mr Brooks to review. Remaining items that could be left in the work area were stocked in the middle of the large basement on shelves then completely covered in plastic. The ceiling and walls of the basement were completely removed to structure as all of it had some level of mold contamination. The entire basement was cleaned and areas with residual staining on the ceiling structure were encapsulated.

A little over a year from the time of the work, the younger Mr Brooks called and let us know that his father had passed and thanks to us, he had been able to live out his final year in the home he had lived in since returning from serving us in WWII. He invited us to come to the home where they were hosting and estate sale. As a result, we are happy to have several of Mr Brooks hand tools in use providing further service to AdvantaClean customers. It seemed that in the end both the Brooks family and the AdvantaClean family were much better for the interaction.

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