licensed mold contractor in washington, dc

DC recently passed a mold regulation pertaining to the inspection and proper remediation of mold in residential rental units. Here at AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront we are your local, licensed mold contractor in the DC area.

Mold Assessor: MA-2016-I-017

Mold Remediator: MA-2016-I-07

The threshold to have a licensed remediation company is 10 square feet of visible mold indoors.

This law does NOT apply to:

  • Routine cleaning
  • Diagnosis, repair, service, replacement of building systems
  • Real estate inspections
  • Incidental discovery and emergency containment
  • Construction & remodeling
  • Licensed pest control activities

When a license is not required:

  • Under 10 square feet
  • Outdoor areas
  • Non-residential properties
  • Owner occupied dwelling - work performed by owner
  • Individuals being supervised by a licensee do not need a license
  • Consultants or contractors working for a licensee on a project, but who are not performing the remediation itself
  • Insurance agents and adjusters performing their normal duties

Regardless of the above exceptions, a person shall not engage in the business of mold inspection or remediation without a license.

An indoor mold remediation professional may engage in the following activities:

  • Perform mold remediation
  • Prepare mold remediation work plans
  • Conduct testing and sampling for the work plan and interpret results
  • Prepare a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation indicating that the mold has been remediated per the plan/protocol and that underlying moisture issues had been resolved so that mold will not occur again from the same source / reason

An unlicensed individual shall not provide mold inspection or remediation services in DC.

An unlicensed person shall not use words like “licensed” “professional” or “certified” or similar terms that communicate a level of expertise in this field.

Here at AdvantaClean you can trust that we are your preferred, professional, and licensed mold contractor of choice.

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