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Success Stories

Location: Waterville, OH 43566

Problem: A homeowner was trying to sell their home with their real estate agent. However, on the Home Inspection, it was noted that there was mold in the attic. The real estate agent called several companies to get quotes for the mold remediation and to see if the job could be completed in time of the close date. AdvantaClean was one of those companies that were called out.

Solution: After inspecting the attic, AdvantaClean was able to provide a quote and complete the job the next day for the homeowner. This allowed the selling process to continue as planned and the homeowner was thrilled with AdvantaClean’s work and customer support.


Location: Bowling Green, OH 43402

Problem: A family of 5 started feeling sick more often in their own home. One of the children with severe allergies specifically was coughing, sneezing, and experiencing other allergy symptoms more frequently. The home owners discovered extensive black mold growth in their attic. Making things worse was the fact that the access to the attic was actually located in the closet of the child’s bedroom that was suffering the most.

Solution: AdvantaClean was able to come in and identify that the attic ventilation was not done properly and was causing a moisture issue that lead to the mold growth. AdvantaClean then worked in tandem with a roofing company to line up the mold remediation work side by side with a new roof and ventilation system being installed. AdvantaClean was able to complete the black mold remediation within a week of the home owner’s initial free estimate appointment. The day after the mold remediation, AdvantaClean performed a full air duct cleaning of the home and used an Anti-Microbial Fogging Treatment to ensure that mold spores were eliminated from the vents. After the mold remediation and air duct cleaning, the roofing company followed through with their work, allowing the family to return to their day to day lives knowing that the air in their home was clean and safe to breathe again. 

vogtsberger-1.jpg vogtsberger-2.jpg

Location: Toledo, OH 43615

Problem: A woman who owns several rental properties around the Toledo area did not receive a rent check from one of her properties. It was a nice tri-level home with a basement in a local neighborhood. Apparently, the tenant moved out, but did not notify the landlord or give her any warning in advance. Between the time that the tenant moved out, and when the landlord realized they were gone, the power was shut off due to failure to pay the electric bill. Also, during the time when the electricity was shut off, there was a bad rain storm that caused some flooding in the area. The home had a basement with a sump pump installed, but since the power was off, it did not run… causing the entire finished basement to flood.

With the landlord being unaware that the tenant had left and that the basement was flooded, the water sat for several days. This caused mold growth and more damage. Once the landlord found out about the situation, she called to have the power restored (which drained most of the standing water in the basement), and then called AdvantaClean to help with the mold and remaining water problems.

Solution: We arrived at the home and found that there were 3 finished rooms affected by the water and all had black mold growth. We explained to the home owner that we would have to tear out the affected drywall and it would need to be replaced. The process took 2 days to remove and remediate the area of mold. We then worked with a local drywall contractor to replace and refinish the basement. In total, the job was able to be completed in one week and the landlord was able to have the place rented out to a new tenant the following week. 

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Location: Defiance, Ohio 43512

Problem: A husband and wife with two kids started feeling sick in their own home. Over time, the effects got worse and the wife had to start missing work because of her illness. Themselves and others started to think that they were going crazy because they didn’t know why they were constantly getting sick. She then went to the doctor and they informed her that she had a form of mold poisoning which is causing her to be ill. The wife knew she was allergic to several forms of mold but was unsure what was triggering her to be sick in her own home.

The family called AdvantaClean and asked for help. The house was a two story home built on a crawlspace. We showed up and did a routine inspection around the home, looking for mold and other water damage issues… nothing was found. When asked if they’ve had any flooding issues or water damage, the husband responded that there had been nothing major, but there was a small water issue in the crawlspace a year ago that has been fixed. So, we decided to check out the crawlspace.

The crawlspace had a brand-new vapor barrier that the homeowner laid down a year ago after the small moisture issue that he mentioned occurred… everything looked clean and dry. Puzzled with uncertainty of what was causing them to be sick, we decided to check one last spot. The homes main air duct lines all ran underneath the home in the crawlspace, so we decided to cut into the duct work to see if there were any previously unseen issues. Sure enough, lined inside all of the duct work was mold. We then cut into the duct work at several other spots to find that about 60% of the duct work was covered with mold on the inside.

Solution: Now that the mystery of the mold was solved, remediation could begin. We worked with a local duct company to have all of the crawlspace’s main truck lines and vents replaced and sealed properly to make sure the family was not breathing unhealthy, moldy air. After that, we recommended an Air Purifier for the family to help them breath clean air in their home, since they had severe allergy issues. Lastly, air ducts were replaced, we performed an air duct cleaning to ensure that all forms of dust, mold, and debris were cleaned from any existing duct work from their ventilation system.

The family couldn’t thank AdvantaClean enough for just believing them that there was an issue with their home causing them to be sick, and for finding it and fixing it.

mold-in-ducts-1.jpg mold-in-home-2.jpg

Location: Toledo, OH 43615

Problem: After a hot and humid summer in Toledo, Ohio, a homeowner noticed mold growing in their garage. The mold was growing in perfect vertical columns on the front wall of the garage. As the days got hotter and more humid, the mold in the garage started to grow exponentially. Why was the mold growing in perfectly vertical columns? And why did the mold grow faster from the heat? Unable to answer those questions, the homeowner gave AdvantaClean a call to assess the problem.

Solution: Our team arrived at the job site and discussed with the homeowner that the wall in the garage would have to be remediated by removing that section of the drywall with the mold. But what caused this mold to form? After our team set up a containment area in the garage, we cut out a section of the mold to see what was behind it. Lo and behold, it was metal supply ductwork running between the walls where the mold was forming. Why did the metal ductwork cause mold to form? Since it was such a hot summer, their AC was running constantly and was pumping crisp cold air through the metal vents. Being as the garage was the same temperature and humidity as the outside, if not hotter, it caused the cold metal vents to condensate on the outside and the moisture bled through the drywall. Thus, the moisture in the drywall, along with a constant high temperature and humidity in the garage, provided a perfect recipe for mold growth. Once the cause of the mold was figured out, it was smooth sailing for the AdvantaClean team to assure the homeowner that the mold could be remediated and also prevent it from returning. After removing the affected sheetrock and treating the area for mold spores, our team informed the drywall restoration company of the problem and recommended new insulation and a vapor barrier to be put between the metal ductwork and the new drywall to prevent the mold from returning. 


Location: Toledo, OH 43615

Problem: A few years back, a local family noticed some black mold on their basement walls, but didn’t think much of it and just let it go. Several years later, the black mold had expanded exponentially across the basement walls. They also notice that their children, who frequently play in the basement, had started getting sick more often. They decided to give AdvantaClean of West Toledo & Bowling Green a call to assess the issue.

Solution: Our mold removal team set up a containment barrier around the affected area with air scrubber machines running to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout the basement and home. After that, our crew put on proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and applied an anti-microbial chemical. The next step was to scrub the mold off the walls. Once the mold was removed, a Mold Resistant Coating was applied to seal the area and prevent the mold from returning. To finish the job off, a thorough air duct cleaning was completed to help ensure that the family was breathing clean and healthy air. 

toledo-black-mold-basement-2.png toledo-black-mold-basement-1.png