Basement Mold Removal

Location: Harrison, NY 10528

Problem: Customers entire basement had confirmed mold growth due to a leak through the cement block foundation walls. There was also confirmed mold growth in his living room which was coming through his rear window. This also caused a moldy an musty odor throughout the home. I was extremely concerned for the quality of air my customer, who is a senior citizen, and his aid were breathing. They were complaining of not feeling well due to the confirmed mold growth.

Solution: As licensed NYS mold remediation contractors, we worked closely with the licensed NYS mold assessor to develop a plan that resulted in the demolition, removal of contents and cleaning of the entire basement from ceiling to walls and floor. We also noticed mold growth in the air handlers which we cleaned as well as other issues with the system and referred a HVAC contractor to correct the improperly functioning units. In addition to sealing the concrete block, we referred a waterproofing contractor to put in an interior drainage system around the perimeter of the basement to keep the water out. We also referred a contractor to fix the window. Result was a passed clearance, and a better quality of air for the homeowner.

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Water Damage/Extraction and Drying

Location: Manhattan, NY 10038

Problem: Customer had a water intrusion from a clogged drain outside his apartments rear entry door. The hardwood floor in the hallway of his apartment was wet and the carpet in the common hallway outside the apartment was saturated.

Solution: We took humidity and moisture readings in the common hallway and in the kitchen and hallway in his apartment. We were able to save all moldings and sheetrocked walls as well as the common hallway carpet as we only had to extract water from the common hallways commercial grade carpet and the hardwood floor in the apartment. We set up fans and dehumidification in the common hallway as well as in the apartment and added the injectidry system to assist in the drying process of the hardwood floors. Worked out beautifully and the customer was extremely happy we saved both floors.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Scarsdale, NY 10583

Problem: All the vents/grills and the inside and outside of the trunk lines were dirty creating an unhealthy environment in the store.

Solution: We were contracted to clean the main trunk line, inside and out, as well as all the vents/grills. We HEPA vacuumed the trunk lines on the inside and outside as well as using our agitation whips to dislodge all the dirt and debris in to our HEPA filtered power vacuum.

air duct cleaning in Westchester, NY air duct cleaning precautions in Westchester, NY

air duct cleaning removing harmful bacteria in the air making sure none of the debris is harmful to the store during air duct cleaning

air ducts full of harmful dust in Scarsdale, NY air duct cleaning after shot

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Location: White Plains, NY 10601

Problem: Heating pipe burst in an office and flooded 7,000 square feet of office space on one floor and 3,000 square feet of space below.

Solution: Extract all water from carpets. Remove and dispose of carpets that were in the area of the damaged pipe because of the dirty water. Remove any sheetrock that was extremely saturated. Dehumidify and dry the space.

water damage in the office commercial water damage

fixing water damage in the office removing water in commercial office

water damage in the mail room commercial water damage extraction

water damage removal after dry wall extraction

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