AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina Case Studies

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Success Stories

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Problem: We received a call from the customer stating mold was present on the supply registers and ceiling areas of their back offices. Employees were complaining.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina performed an air duct cleaning and air duct sanitizing to effected HVAC equipment and related duct systems and ceiling areas. 

cc-moldy-hvac-1.jpg cc-moldy-hvac-2.jpg cc-clean-hvac-1.jpg

Location: Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Problem: Customer had mold growth to the ceilings of their new beach house garage. They wanted the mold gone but better yet, they wanted to keep it from coming back.

Solution: First, we performed the mold remediation to remove the microbial growth currently present. Then we installed a dehumidifier in the garage. We suspended the dehumidifier from the ceiling. They did not want the dehumidifier to run when the garage doors were open and they didn't want to turn a switch off manually to shut off the dehumidifier manually. We wired a magnetic switch on each garage door so that when either of the garage doors would open, the dehumidifier would automatically shut off. When the doors were closed the dehumidifier would resume operation. We achieved this with the use of some additional controls, electrical wiring and a very good dehumidifier. 

garage-mold-prevention.jpg garage-dehumidifier.jpg

Location: Oak Island, NC 28465

Problem: A customer called with a mold issue within the water heater closet and adjoining bathroom. They experienced water damage after the water heater bladder expansion tank exploded resulting in gallons of water within the water heater closet and hallway bathroom. The end result was the customer ended up with mold throughout the drywall and wall cavities. Mold removal needed to be performed since the water damage was not cleaned up as quickly.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina was called in to assess how bad the mold remediation was going to be and determine how much mold growth was created by the water damage. After conversing with our customer, she hired us to mitigate the water damages and perform mold removal. AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina set up containment within the infected areas and removed all the mold damaged building materials and performed the mold remediation. Once the mold removal was completed, AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina dried the wooden joists within the wall cavity and installed new building materials and paint. The customer was thrilled with the outcome of the job. She was renting this house at the time and really needed to get her tenants back in the house. 

bathroom-floor-after-and-paint.jpg bathroom-floor-before-2.jpg bathroom-floor-before-1.jpg molded-closet-before-4.jpg molded-closet-before-2.jpg molded-closet-before-3.jpg closet-after-3.jpg closet-after-2.jpg

Location: Wilmington, NC 28401

Problem: Customer was having issues with the HVAC system not providing enough air flow through their air duct systems.They were experiencing allergy type symptoms only when they were in the home. They also mentioned that their electric bill seemed higher than usual for this time of year. Upon inspecting their air duct systems, AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina crews found the return air duct almost completely stopped up where the filters were so dirty they had collapsed into the return air duct. Air duct cleaning had to be performed.

Solution: Upon investigating AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina performed a mold inspection to their home and found that the air ducts were very dirty and showed signs of mold growth, plus large amounts of dirt, pet dander, and even grass. AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina performed an Air Duct Cleaning and disinfected their HVAC air ducts. When the crew from AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina was finished performing the air duct cleaning, our customer was breathing easy! 

joseph-brown-return-duct-before.jpg joseph-brown-return-duct-after.jpg