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Success Stories

Location: Berryville, Virginia 22611

Problem: Customer with bad seasonal allergies detected a musty smell in the basement and noticed visible mold in the storage room. We determined that the mold was caused by excessive moisture due to improper outside drainage that has since been fixed.

Solution: After setting up a localized containment area and establishing negative pressure; we removed the drywall affected areas. During the remediation process we noticed mold on the concrete block wall that was behind the drywall. We scrubbed the surfaces with antimicrobial solution and HEPA vacuumed. We then applied antimicrobial primer and left the HEPA air scrubbers to run for 24 hours after remediation. 

 winchester-residential-mold-1.jpg winchester-residential-mold-2.jpg

Location: Winchester, VA 22601

Problem: Commercial customer discovered mold on the walls and ceiling in their server room and required remediation prior to installation of a new server.

Solution: We removed the mold by establishing negative pressure with HEPA filtered air scrubbers, HEPA vacuumed surfaces and applied antimicrobial solution. Ready for the new server! 

winchester-before-1.jpg winchester-after-1.jpg winchester-before-2.jpg winchester-after-2.jpg 

Location: Winchester, VA 22601

Problem: A recent customer wanted an air duct cleaning after a long-term tenant vacated out of her 90-year old home.

Solution: We performed a full air duct cleaning which included applying anti-microbial sanitizer. Ready for the next tenant! 

duct-return-before.jpg duct-return-after.jpg

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