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Success Stories

Location: Bozrah, CT 06334

Problem: Our buyer's home inspection found some mold and staining in the attic. They reached out to AdvantaClean of Windham to determine the cause of the problem and submit a proposal for remediation.

Solution: The sellers agreed to pay the reasonable cost and a check was cut at the real estate closing and held in escrow until the work was completed. We were able to perform the work in one day and the buyer was able to move in knowing that the home was repaired and mold free. 


Location: Richmond, RI 02892

Problem: Our client's home inspection found mold in the attic. There can be a lot of contributing factors to mold growth in an attic. Too many of our competitors address only the mold and not the cause.

Solution: We were able to help them figure out what was causing the problem. We helped our customer remedy the situation - so it won't happen again. And removed the mold in one day. Such a HUGE difference! 


Location: Danielson, CT 06239

Problem: The tenant calls our client, "There's water coming from my ceiling and everything is getting soaked!" Our client calls us and we respond immediately, arriving on-site within 45 minutes.

Solution: A leaking pipe from the floor above was causing water to run out of the ceiling and down walls and soaking carpets and contents. Fortunately, everyone involved acted QUICKLY...the tenant called the owner and reported the problem quickly, the owner called AdvantaClean quickly, and we were on-site fast enough to mitigate any further damage. 


Location: Montville, CT 06382

Problem: Our customer was selling their home and the buyer was concerned about pet allergies and insisted that the air ducts be cleaned prior to closing. In addition, the home inspection's radon test showed levels at an AVERAGE of 153.7 pCi/l. The EPA recommends mitigation for anything over 4.0 so these levels were quite high.

Solution: We provide both services so our customer hired us when we determined we could both jobs on the same day and offer a discount. The air ducts showed definite signs that a dog had been living in the home, so it's good we were able to clean the system and remove those potential allergens. Just as important was the radon mitigation. We caulked the foundation (a step many mitigators skip to save money), at the wall and floor joints, and all cracks. After the system was installed the radon levels were tested at 1.5 pCi/L -- A 99% DECREASE! Our customer's review says it all on this job (see it below). 


Location: Hebron, CT 06248

Problem: During the sale of our customer's home, a buyer's home inspection found elevated levels of radon. The buyer insisted that the situation be remedied prior to the purchase of the home. The price needed to be affordable, but the system had to be installed quickly to ensure the closing could stay on track.

Solution: We evaluated the situation with the current owner and provided several options for mitigating the radon in the home. The installation took one day and the radon levels were dropped from the mid-teens to 1.6 pCi/L (well below the 4.0 standard for a real estate transaction). 


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: Our customer was having severe health issues in his home and he was experiencing them in one room in particular. This room had a problem with ice damming years earlier and the roof had been repaired. Behind the sheet rock and unseen was where the problem was lurking.

Solution: We started with the intention of doing the least amount of demolition possible, starting with removing the carpet and pad and some ceilings with water stains. As we got further into the project, the full scope came into light and we worked with our customer and walked him through the process. We removed contaminated materials and cleaned mold and staining off of the remaining building materials. The customer can once again use this room with the confidence that his health will not be affected negatively. 


Location: Ledyard, CT 06335

Problem: Our customer had recently hired us to install a radon mitigation system in an investment property he had sold and now was worried about radon in his own home. Confident in our abilities from his previous experience he hired us again to fix the air in his own home.

Solution: Our customer had concerns about the location of the fan and how it would look on the outside of the home. We worked with him and carefully planned the placement of the system and ordered him a fan that would be housed in a more subdued cover/housing. He was thrilled at the results - not only was the radon reduced to below 1.0 pCi/L but the fan was quiet and out of the way. 


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: The facilities manager contacted AdvantaClean of Windham to inspect the air duct system after receiving multiple complaints from employees about allergy symptoms, dry eyes, and build up of dust and debris on heating/air conditioning registers.

Solution: We were able to clean the interior of the system with HEPA filtration and restore the air quality in the building - JUST LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! 


Location: Sterling, Ct 06377

Problem: Trustees were selling a home for an estate, until a potential buyer's home inspection found some pretty funky mold on the sheathing in the attic.

Solution: We were able to identify the cause of moisture and help the customer fix the reason mold was growing. Then we removed the mold quickly and used some stain removers to make everything look brand new again. Even with dealing with the estate's insurance company -- we kept the process moving, and went from original inspection and estimate to post-remediation clearance testing in 2 weeks. The closing date stayed the same and all parties were pleased. 


Location: Mansfield, CT 06268

Problem: Our customer was aware of some mold in a closet from a previous water intrusion and became concerned when he found additional mold growing on some furniture in his basement. After closer inspection it was also found on walls, doors, and other contents in the basement.

Solution: After calling AdvantaClean of Windham and having a full inspection, our customer realized that the small amount of mold from the closet had continued to reproduce in the humid basement and now everything needed to be cleaned. We were able to affordably remove the contaminated sheet rock and clean the ceilings, walls, floors, and all of the contents in one day. Our customer was pleased in the improvement in the overall smell in the basement and his ability to breathe more clearly while spending time downstairs. 


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