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Success Stories

Location: Bozrah, CT 06334

Problem: Our buyer's home inspection found some mold and staining in the attic. They reached out to AdvantaClean of Windham to determine the cause of the problem and submit a proposal for remediation.

Solution: The sellers agreed to pay the reasonable cost and a check was cut at the real estate closing and held in escrow until the work was completed. We were able to perform the work in one day and the buyer was able to move in knowing that the home was repaired and mold free. 


Location: Richmond, RI 02892

Problem: Our client's home inspection found mold in the attic. There can be a lot of contributing factors to mold growth in an attic. Too many of our competitors address only the mold and not the cause.

Solution: We were able to help them figure out what was causing the problem. We helped our customer remedy the situation - so it won't happen again. And removed the mold in one day. Such a HUGE difference! 


Location: Danielson, CT 06239

Problem: The tenant calls our client, "There's water coming from my ceiling and everything is getting soaked!" Our client calls us and we respond immediately, arriving on-site within 45 minutes.

Solution: A leaking pipe from the floor above was causing water to run out of the ceiling and down walls and soaking carpets and contents. Fortunately, everyone involved acted QUICKLY...the tenant called the owner and reported the problem quickly, the owner called AdvantaClean quickly, and we were on-site fast enough to mitigate any further damage. 


Location: Montville, CT 06382

Problem: Our customer was selling their home and the buyer was concerned about pet allergies and insisted that the air ducts be cleaned prior to closing. In addition, the home inspection's radon test showed levels at an AVERAGE of 153.7 pCi/l. The EPA recommends mitigation for anything over 4.0 so these levels were quite high.

Solution: We provide both services so our customer hired us when we determined we could both jobs on the same day and offer a discount. The air ducts showed definite signs that a dog had been living in the home, so it's good we were able to clean the system and remove those potential allergens. Just as important was the radon mitigation. We caulked the foundation (a step many mitigators skip to save money), at the wall and floor joints, and all cracks. After the system was installed the radon levels were tested at 1.5 pCi/L -- A 99% DECREASE! Our customer's review says it all on this job (see it below). 


Location: Hebron, CT 06248

Problem: During the sale of our customer's home, a buyer's home inspection found elevated levels of radon. The buyer insisted that the situation be remedied prior to the purchase of the home. The price needed to be affordable, but the system had to be installed quickly to ensure the closing could stay on track.

Solution: We evaluated the situation with the current owner and provided several options for mitigating the radon in the home. The installation took one day and the radon levels were dropped from the mid-teens to 1.6 pCi/L (well below the 4.0 standard for a real estate transaction). 


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: Our customer was having severe health issues in his home and he was experiencing them in one room in particular. This room had a problem with ice damming years earlier and the roof had been repaired. Behind the sheet rock and unseen was where the problem was lurking.

Solution: We started with the intention of doing the least amount of demolition possible, starting with removing the carpet and pad and some ceilings with water stains. As we got further into the project, the full scope came into light and we worked with our customer and walked him through the process. We removed contaminated materials and cleaned mold and staining off of the remaining building materials. The customer can once again use this room with the confidence that his health will not be affected negatively. 


Location: Ledyard, CT 06335

Problem: Our customer had recently hired us to install a radon mitigation system in an investment property he had sold and now was worried about radon in his own home. Confident in our abilities from his previous experience he hired us again to fix the air in his own home.

Solution: Our customer had concerns about the location of the fan and how it would look on the outside of the home. We worked with him and carefully planned the placement of the system and ordered him a fan that would be housed in a more subdued cover/housing. He was thrilled at the results - not only was the radon reduced to below 1.0 pCi/L but the fan was quiet and out of the way. 


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: The facilities manager contacted AdvantaClean of Windham to inspect the air duct system after receiving multiple complaints from employees about allergy symptoms, dry eyes, and build up of dust and debris on heating/air conditioning registers.

Solution: We were able to clean the interior of the system with HEPA filtration and restore the air quality in the building - JUST LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! 


Location: Sterling, Ct 06377

Problem: Trustees were selling a home for an estate, until a potential buyer's home inspection found some pretty funky mold on the sheathing in the attic.

Solution: We were able to identify the cause of moisture and help the customer fix the reason mold was growing. Then we removed the mold quickly and used some stain removers to make everything look brand new again. Even with dealing with the estate's insurance company -- we kept the process moving, and went from original inspection and estimate to post-remediation clearance testing in 2 weeks. The closing date stayed the same and all parties were pleased. 


Location: Mansfield, CT 06268

Problem: Our customer was aware of some mold in a closet from a previous water intrusion and became concerned when he found additional mold growing on some furniture in his basement. After closer inspection it was also found on walls, doors, and other contents in the basement.

Solution: After calling AdvantaClean of Windham and having a full inspection, our customer realized that the small amount of mold from the closet had continued to reproduce in the humid basement and now everything needed to be cleaned. We were able to affordably remove the contaminated sheet rock and clean the ceilings, walls, floors, and all of the contents in one day. Our customer was pleased in the improvement in the overall smell in the basement and his ability to breathe more clearly while spending time downstairs. 


Location: Mansfield, CT 06235

Problem: Our customer was looking to decrease the amount of dust in their home. They had been diligent in regularly changing filters, but were not able to reduce the dust and debris in the air. The air was always filled with floating debris and cleaning the dust was becoming an arduous chore.

Solution: Our customer called AdvantaClean of Windham and we cleaned their ducting, registers, and the air handler. We used a large HEPA vacuum designed to create negative pressure in the system and collect everything that is dislodged. Our happy customer was breathing better immediately after we finished and they were amazed at the before and after pictures of the inside of their system and ducting.


Location: Woodstock, CT 06242

Problem: Our customer was selling their historic Colonial-era home, but a leak around the chimney had led to moisture and eventually mold. They needed the work to be completed quickly and efficiently to keep the pending sale on track.

Solution: We evaluated the situation and used non-invasive tools to determine the extent of the damage and the most likely scope of work. AdvantaClean of Windham worked with the customer's insurance company to make sure the work was completed quickly and paid for by the insurance company. Another home sale saved!


Location: Montville, CT 06382

Problem: Our customer was selling their home and moving out of state. Unfortunately, the buyer's home inspection showed high radon levels - 80.0 pCi/l. Levels that high are equivalent to receiving 4,000 chest x-rays per year or smoking 160 cigarettes per day. The recommended action level is anything over 4.0 pCi/l for real estate transactions.

Solution: Enter AdvantaClean of Windham - we have a 100% success rate on lowering radon levels below the recommended action levels. We caulked all cracks and joints in the concrete basement (a step often skipped by cut-rate companies) and installed the mitigation system. Post-mitigation testing confirmed that the radon levels were measured at 1.5 pCi/L. Mission accomplished!


Location: Brooklyn, CT 06234

Problem: Our commercial client had two adjacent buildings that had sat vacant for a couple of years. Unfortunately, having the buildings closed up allowed moisture to stay inside and an interior mold situation developed. In order to sell the property the buildings needed to be sanitized and the HVAC systems needed to be cleaned.

Solution: We helped our client assess the situation and develop an affordable plan to remove the mold and help them close the sale with their buyers. We were able to remove moldy building materials and sanitize the 10,000 square feet of the two buildings including the HVAC systems and ductwork. The closing stayed on track for the seller and the buyer was assured a safe indoor environment in both buildings.


Location: Plainfield, CT 06354

Problem: Our customer called because the sale of their home was being held up due to radon being found in the air. The buyers wanted the problem mitigated before agreeing to the sale. Time was of the essence and it had to be done right the first time.

Solution: After evaluating the situation, AdvantaClean of Windham went in and caulked all concrete joints and a couple of hundred feet of cracks in the concrete floor (a step often skipped by cut-rate installers). We then completed the installation of piping and fan. Final testing showed that any radon was below detectable levels. Mission accomplished!


Location: Deep River, CT 06417

Problem: Our customer was spending the winter down south and their caretaker found mold growing in the basement while they were away. They called AdvantaClean of Windham and we evaluated the situation with their caretaker.

Solution: It is hard to have work done on your home while you are out of town, but we spent time on the phone with our customer, answering questions and explaining our process. We cleaned all of the contents, ceilings, walls, floors, and carpets. They were able to return to a clean and healthy home!


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: Our customer was suffering severe allergy symptoms in one room of his home. After having air quality tests performed, it was determined that there was a hidden mold problem.

Solution: Our customer had AdvantaClean of Windham come in and remove the mold and determine the source of the problem. We started with small, exploratory cuts in the ceiling and walls to try to determine the extent of the issue. We found evidence of a past ice dam and mold growth and staining. All of the problems stemmed from poor ventilation in the attic space.

Location: South Attleboro, CT 06234

Problem: One of our national partners needed help locally. The HVAC system serving their offices showed signs of condensation, possible mold, and the registers showed evidence of dirt and dust build-up.

Solution: They called AdvantaClean and we evaluated the situation, scheduled the work through their property management firm, and cleaned their system. We even cleaned the offices and server room due to the presence of mold in the HVAC system. In and out in one day with no disruption to their regular work schedule.


Location: Ledyard, CT 06338

Problem: Our customer contacted us after testing the radon levels in their home. They were aware that radon in the air can cause lung cancer and they were concerned for their family. They contacted AdvantaClean of Windham and we evaluated their situation and came up with a plan for mitigation.

Solution: They have a great finished basement and were worried about the placement of the system. We were able to place the system in an unfinished utility area and pipe the system outside next to other utilities. We vented the radon above the roof and the system lowered the interior radon levels from 11.3 to 0.8 - significantly reducing their risk of lung cancer from exposure to radon gas in their home.


Location: Oakdale, CT 06370

Problem: A couple looking to buy a home were stopped in their tracks by a home inspection that found mold in the attic. The home inspector recommended calling AdvantaClean of Windham to evaluate the situation. We quickly scheduled an on-site evaluation in hopes of keeping this closing on schedule.

Solution: We worked with the buyer, the seller, and their agents to work out a remediation plan that was cost-effective (for the seller) and comprehensive (for the buyer). Then we were able to schedule the work for the day after the closing so the family could move in right away!


Location: New London, CT 06230

Problem: A national property management firm needed an entire home remediated after a wet basement caused growth all over a home. The moisture was so bad that mold was growing between floorboards in the upstairs hardwood floors.

Solution: After the moisture problem was resolved, we set up containment and used air scrubbers to clean mold spores and contaminants out of the air. Then we HEPA vacuumed and cleaned every surface with anti-microbial. This allowed the property management firm to move forward with the project within two days.


Location: Windham, CT 06280

Problem: A nursing home does a lot of laundry and the dryers build up a lot of lint.

Solution: Our customer had AdvantaClean of Windham evaluate the system and schedule a convenient time to clean the vents.

Location: Canterbury, CT 06331

Problem: After recently purchasing their home, our customer was worried about old pet dander and dust lingering from previous owners.

Solution: We spent the morning cleaning their air ducts and we even helped them change the filter so the air they were circulating in their home would be dust- and contaminant-free.


Location: Norwich, CT 06360

Problem: A previous customer was buying a new home and the home inspection found some apparent mold in the attic. The buyer called AdvantaClean of Windham to evaluate the situation.

Solution: After our inspection, it was determined that there was some growth and fixing the problem would cost less than $1,000. The seller hired us, the work was scheduled quickly, and we finished the job in a day. The closing stayed on track and both buyer and seller were pleased.


Location: Niantic, CT 06357

Problem: A national property management firm with a strong local presence needed a reliable contractor for addressing moisture/water problems and remediating mold in the homes they cared for.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham has earned their trust and their business. We keep to budgets, stay on timelines, and do great work.


Location: Pomfret, CT 02630

Problem: Our customer was selling their home and the buyer's home inspector found some mold in the attic. The mold was caused by moisture from an improperly vented bathroom exhaust fan. The work needed to be done quickly to keep the real estate sale on track.

Solution: Through a referral from a realtor, the customer contacted AdvantaClean of Windham. On Tuesday we met the customer, evaluated the situation, and provided an estimate to remove the mold. Three days later (Friday) the job was complete and the closing stayed on track.


Location: East Lyme, CT 06333

Problem: A commercial office building had a small water leak in the basement. It was cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time, but the elevated humidity allowed some mold to grow on unfinished sheetrock.

The customer wanted to handle everything quickly, professionally, and discreetly. They didn't want the problem to linger, they were concerned about the potential health impact to the building occupants, but they didn't want to cause any panic or stress for workers and businesses.

Solution: They called AdvantaClean of Windham. We diagnosed the problem and crafted a remediation plan that included removing the mold and encapsulating the building materials to deter future growth. We were able to schedule the work quickly and our service team completed the work in one day.


Location: Plainfield, CT 06239

Problem: Our customer had a pipe leak water over time. This led to a mold problem in their basement and they were worried about adverse health effects -- so we jumped into action immediately.

Solution: We removed the moldy building materials that couldn't be salvaged and cleaned the mold from everything else. The customer can now rebuild with the confidence of knowing everything is clean and healthy again.


Location: Waterford, CT 06375

Problem: An out of state woman was selling her condo. Fuzzy mold grew all over the garage due to excessive humidity and moisture. It needed to get dry and clean in a hurry.

Solution: The woman's realtor immediately called AdvantaClean of Windham, because of our ability to handle these situations for her clients in the past. We assessed the situation on Tuesday, worked out the details with the customer over the phone and through email on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we worked Saturday to get it cleaned for the realtor to show on Sunday!


Location: Ledyard, CT

Problem: A family who had lost a loved one to lung cancer was measuring the radon levels in their home with a device available to consumers. This device is not as precise as professional machines or laboratory analysis, but the high readings were a reason for concern.

Solution: We designed and installed a system to reduce the radon levels in their home. Helping give these young parents peace of mind.


Location: Hampton, CT

Problem: Our customer had just lost another buyer due to mold in their attic, but they didn't have enough money on hand to have it cleaned right away.

Solution: We used our financing partner to secure a loan for our customer - 6 months deferred interest. We completed the work in just two days and they had their realtor showing their home again the next day. When they close on the home in a month, they will use proceeds from the sale and pay off the loan without having paid any interest.


Location: Woodstock, CT 06281

Problem: Our customer is renovating an older home but have small children. They were concerned about the air quality in the home and contacted AdvantaClean of Windham to clean their air ducts.

Solution: We gave them a quote over the phone and scheduled an appointment to clean their air ducts. After the cleaning, we even fogged the interior of the ductwork with an anti-microbial, ultra-fine mist to disinfect the inside of their system. The customers were amazed at the difference the cleaning made by reducing the amount of dust in the home and increasing the efficiency of their air handler.

Location: Chaplin, CT 06235

Problem: A tenant had failed to report a broken sump pump and stopped emptying a dehumidifier in a basement. This led to complications for both the homeowner and the tenant. Mold bloomed in the humid environment of the basement and quickly spread upstairs to the living area through the ventilation system. The tenant started feeling ill and called the local health department.

Solution: The homeowner worked hard to correct the situation for the tenant and clean the property. After talking to another company that wanted to charge almost $30,000 (to rip out and replace everything), the owner called AdvantaClean of Windham. For less than $3,000 we were able to clean the basement and the air duct system. We even coordinated with the local health department so the homeowner could be confident that the property was clean and their tenant was safe.


Location: Mansfield, CT 06250

Problem: Our customer had an issue with carpenter ants and after exploring for places where they could be nesting, it was found that there were wet building materials and mold in a ceiling. The customer had coverage for mold on their homeowner's policy, but could not get the insurance company or their adjuster to get items in order to complete the work.

Solution: We assisted the customer, communicating with their adjuster to make sure the work got done and paid for. We worked for several weeks coordinating efforts with the insurance company, their adjuster, and the customer and finally put all things in order. The work was completed in two days and we helped them find a great contractor to help rebuild.


Location: Salem, CT 06420

Problem: Our customer is selling their home and a buyer's home inspector found some mold in the basement. The buyer ran away in fear. The seller and their realtor knew to call the professionals at AdvantaClean of Windham.

Solution: We evaluated the situation on Tuesday, consulted with the homeowner during the inspection, gave them a price, and scheduled the work immediately. The work was started and completed on Friday. Just in time for an open house by their realtor on Sunday.


Location: Norwich, CT 06360

Problem: Late on a Friday afternoon, our customer found that their water cooler had failed and 5 gallons of water drained all over (and through) their hard wood floor. Wanting to mitigate further damage (a phrase important to insurance companies) they called AdvantaClean of Windham immediately.

Solution: We arrived on the scene within an hour of the water leak. We found that the water had not only soaked the hardwood but had drained through the sub-floor and soaked the building materials below. We got right to work removing any materials that couldn't be salvaged and started drying with fans and dehumidifiers. Because of our quick response time we were able to save the hardwood floor and minimize the amount of demolition. This action saved our customer thousands of dollars because they did not have to file a claim with their insurance company and instead paid us out of pocket.

Location: Colchester, CT

Problem: Our customer is selling his house to his grandson, but the bank-required radon test came back with elevated levels. A radon mitigation system needed to be installed immediately, so the radon levels could be reduced and the home could be re-tested before the bank pulled back their financing.

Initial Estimate Visit - Thursday
Proposal Submitted - Friday
Signed & Scheduled - Saturday
Work Started and Completed on Wednesday!
Closing is still on track!

Location: Brooklyn, CT 06234

Problem: A local home builder was unaware that all new homes needed to be Radon Resistant New Construction. With a very small window for installation (due to the construction schedule and pending inspections) he needed a fast, professional installation.

Solution: We inspected the site and designed a system specifically for this home. We were able to hide the system in the walls and the attic with the rest of the utilities. This ensured that this builder's home would be code-compliant and helped this customer reduce their risk of lung cancer from radon gas in their dream home.


Location: Norwich, CT 06360

Problem: An existing customer had a fire at their place of business. Before the rebuilding process began they wanted the soot removed from the concrete and surrounding foundation. Eliminating the soot would help ensure there would be no residual smoke/fire odors once the building was enclosed again.

Solution: While fire damage cleaning and restoration are not one of our primary lines - we wanted to take good care of our existing customer. We used some environmentally-friendly solutions, a pressure washer, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease with scrub brushes. The property was ready to go in two days and we had a satisfied repeat customer.


Location: Canterbury, CT

Problem: After having a THIRD buyer fall through because of mold in their attic, this couple called AdvantaClean of Windham to treat and remove the mold in their attic. These owners needed to get this done immediately even though we were in the midst of a serious heat wave. Heat in attics can be treacherous -- temperatures well over 100 and 120 degrees is not uncommon.

Solution: We worked with the homeowners to do all of our prep work and staging of equipment on the day before the attic was to be remediated. Then we arranged to start at 4:00 AM, while the attic was at its coolest temperature of the day. We were able to get the work done in 7 hours which allowed these homeowners to be ready for the next home inspection 3 days later. There is always a way to get it done!


Location: Canterbury, CT

Problem: This young family bought a flipped house that had previously housed a hoarder. There were plenty of problems to go around - but after the mess was cleaned up in the basement, there was still a lingering mold problem. Enter AdvantaClean of Windham...

Solution: We were able to clean all of the surfaces of mold spores with HEPA vacuums. Then we destroyed all growth with a thorough anti-microbial wipe down and cleaning. We even managed to get rid of some old water stains in the process!


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Location: Killingly, CT

Problem: Our customer had just purchased a condominium and asked us to check their dryer vent. Upon inspection it appeared that the vent ducting may have never been cleaned. This is a serious fire hazard.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham got to work and we had to physically remove the vent pipe from the building in order to clean it properly. We cleaned it, reassembled it, and helped the customer correct some code violations with the ducting.


Location: Mansfield, CT

Problem: Over the winter, a homeowner's rental property had a water intrusion in the basement. Because he lives in a different state, he decided to allow the tenants to clean it up on their own. Five months later, there was a significant amount of mold growing and some of the building materials in the finished basement were still moist. It's not that the tenants did a poor job, it simply isn't a job that should be attempted by a novice.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham inspected the property and determined the best course of action for proper cleaning and drying of the basement. During the work, we found an abundance of mold hidden from view behind paneling and inside wall cavities. We coordinated with the homeowner over different time zones and had the basement ready for repairs within two days.


Location: Woodstock, CT

Problem: Excess moisture in a basement utility room had caused mold growth and deterioration of the building materials.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham helped the owner identify some landscaping changes that could be made to stop water from entering the basement. Then our team removed all of the affected building materials and cleaned the mold and mildew from the remaining structure.


Location: Killingly, CT 06233

Problem: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is a product of the uranium decay chain. Long-term exposure to high levels of radon gas increases the risk of developing lung cancer. In order to meet new building codes, new homes being constructed must have a passive radon system installed (no fan). Many builders are just sticking a pipe in the ground and running it through the roof and calling it a radon system. Unfortunately, this meets the minimum code requirements - but all too often a fan will need to be added to the system at a later date because of poor design. This adds more cost to the homeowner.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham believes in going beyond minimum code requirements. We design a system for every specific site and house being built. The design also includes adding additional drain tile beneath the slab before it is poured. This allows the passive system to work with greater efficiency. We hope to never have to go back and activate a system (by adding a fan) because we design our initial system to work at peak efficiency.

first45.jpg second45.jpg

Location: Brooklyn, CT 06234

Problem: A seller called us because a potential buyer's home inspector found some issues in their attic. There was excessive moisture from a poorly vented bathroom exhaust fan and not enough ventilation. There was no ridge vent, only two small roof vents near the ridge. With only two weeks until closing - the homeowner was worried the deal might fall through.

Solution: We helped the homeowner re-position the exhaust vent and proposed a low voltage fan system to assist the natural ventilation of the attic. This system allows for proper ventilation by measuring dew point inside and outside of the attic. The control set uses sophisticated software to determine when to run the fans making it simple and worry-free for the homeowner. We helped communicate with the buyer and both agents to get the job done and make everyone happy. Deal saved!

first46.jpg second46.jpg

Location: Norwich, CT

Problem: Moisture had been gathering in this attic for years from an improperly placed bathroom exhaust vent. The couple and their daughter all suffer from a severe mold allergy. And the sight of this black growth on the sheathing of their attic not only scared them, but they were also afraid it was making their allergies worse.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham got right in there quickly (2 days start to finish). After we removed all of the damp and musty blown-in insulation, we vacuumed every surface to collect any settled mold spores. We used a gentle EPA-approved anti-microbial spray to kill the mold and we wiped and scrubbed the surfaces to remove the growth from the sheathing, rafters, and joists. When we finished cleaning the mold we vacuumed again to insure the area was mold- and spore-free for this family of allergy sufferers.


Location: Windsor, CT

Problem: A family bought a home 10 months ago, but the previous owners never told them there was a history of water damage. For several months the father had been undergoing testing for an illness that doctors could not pinpoint. One of their young daughters with no previous history of respiratory issues was diagnosed with asthma after living in the home for only 8 months.

After several days of heavy rain, their basement had several inches of water. This put all of that old mold into full bloom and the family had to move out.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Windham assessed the problem and got to work right away. It took us four days of demolition, cleaning, and scrubbing, but the family was able to move home and feel well in their home again. We had a third party testing firm verify that the basement was free of mold growth. We also advised the customer on how to avoid water intrusion in the future with a few simple landscaping changes and the addition of a sump pit and pump.

Location: Ashford, CT

Problem: In the middle of a typical New England winter, the customer witnessed some water staining on a ceiling and called a contractor to check their roof for leaks. The water staining appeared on a warm day after three straight weeks of sub-freezing weather. The contractor was stumped, he could find no leaks in the roof and he couldn't find any other source of moisture but he did find mold in the attic. The customer knew it was time to call AdvantaClean of Windham for a free estimate.

Solution: Upon inspection, the experts at AdvantaClean of Windham helped the customer figure out what had happened. The customer had taken some closet doors off of the closet where the attic access is located. This allowed enough heat to escape into the attic during the very cold stretch of weather. When the warm air from below hit the cold air in the attic -- it caused condensation, which froze on the underside of the roof. When that ice thawed, it melted and ran onto their ceiling and the excess moisture helped mold to grow on the roof sheathing. AdvantaClean of Windham solved the puzzle and we were able to clean the mold in one day. We even helped the customer find a reputable roofer to ensure that there was proper ventilation in their attic -- avoiding future problems.

Location: Dudley, MA

Problem: A buyer's home inspector found mold in the crawlspace, putting a halt to the deal. The homeowner didn't know what to do...until they reached out to AdvantaClean of Windham.


1) We removed all of the old and moldy insulation;
2) Cleaned all surfaces with a HEPA vacuum to eliminate spores;
3) Sprayed all surfaces with an anti-microbial to suspend all mold growth;
4) Scrubbed away all growth and staining;
5) Used a HEPA vacuum again on all surfaces; and,
6) Installed new insulation.

We walked the seller through the process and in 3 days the deal was back on track.

Location: Norwich, CT

Problem: A homeowner placed their rental property on the market with hopes of selling the home quickly. However, a motivated buyer was stopped dead in their tracks when a home inspection discovered mold in the attic. We inspected the attic and discovered that a bathroom ventilation fan was blowing warm, moist air into the attic instead of outside -- a perfect recipe for mold.

Solution: The seller's realtor knew that AdvantaClean of Windham has the experience to handle the problem quickly and professionally. We advised the homeowner to have the exhaust fan redirected outside. After the repair was made AdvantaClean of Windham removed the mold and saved the deal.

realestatefirst51.jpg realestatesecond51.jpg

Problem: Customer noticed staining on their laundry room ceiling (directly underneath the kitchen). Shortly thereafter the ceiling started to sag. Upon further investigation, the customer found the ceiling to be wet.

Solution: Customer called AdvantaClean of Windham. After consulting with the customer, it was determined that the most likely cause was the water line to the refrigerator. The homeowner was instructed to have the water and electricity to that area of the home shut off, and a team was dispatched. When the team arrived at 11:00 am the source of the water was confirmed, and the extent of the damage was assessed using moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera. The drywall ceiling in the laundry room was removed as was a portion of the wall between the bathroom and laundry room. A dehumidifier and blowers were placed to begin drying the remaining building materials. Upon follow-up visit and consulting with the customer and the homeowner’s insurance adjuster, it was determined that additional drywall and insulation would be removed and drying with blowers and a dehumidifier would continue until the dry standard was met. The drying goal was met after 4.5 days and the area was left ready for reconstruction.

Leaking washing machine

waterlossfirst52.jpg waterlosssecond52.jpg

waterlossthird52.jpg waterlossfourth52.jpg

Location: Thompson, CT 06277

Problem: The customer had a radiator pipe freeze in a room over a garage during an extended below-freezing cold snap. They had a plumber fix the radiator and removed the visible water themselves. Having difficulties juggling insurance calls, adjusters, and the damage to their home allowed more than a week go by before the underlying water damage was addressed.

Solution: The customer called our office on a Saturday and AdvantaClean of Windham came out the same day to determine the extent of the damage. After beginning work and removing all of the unsalvageable building materials, mold was found to be present. But we were able to treat the mold and avoid any further damage to the home. After four days of drying -- the room was ready for their contractor to come in and make it as good as new.


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