About AdvantaClean of the Lower Susquehanna, York, PA

Our prompt and professional service will give you confidence that your water damage cleanup or mold remediation services will be handled with experience and care.

At AdvantaClean of the Lower Susquehanna, our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding solutions and restoring your space when you have an unexpected problem arise, such as experiencing water damage or finding black mold. The air you breathe should be clean and healthy no matter what environment you are in because it contributes greatly to your overall wellbeing. When you work with us, your home and your business will be safe for everyone. 

From your initial phone call to the completion of your project, we are focused on taking care of the problem at hand and ensuring you achieve the best results. We want to give you confidence knowing your property is in its best shape by providing long-term solutions no matter how big or small your project may be. As a locally owned and operated company, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we promise to provide you with the best service experience possible. At AdvantaClean of the Lower Susquehanna, our team of caring, industry-trained and certified professionals is ready to address your needs. 

Don’t delay getting the help you need because you are overwhelmed or unsure about where to turn. We provide honest, professional and prompt services whether you need major water damage cleanup or you have recently discovered black mold in your home. Our job is to respond in such a way that the air you breathe in York, Pennsylvania is clean and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to talking with you!

We provide the residents of Lower Susquehanna, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

Call us to set up a consultation (717) 827-4099!

The AdvantaClean Promise to You

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