Moisture control solutions

Controlling excess moisture intrusion in your home or office can be one of the best ways of preserving it’s structural integrity and value. It can also improve the effectiveness of your insulation, decrease your energy consumption, and improve your indoor air quality.

The best strategies for controlling moisture in your home depend on how well you ventilate the areas in your home and control the climate.

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What is Moisture Control? crawl space encapsulations

Moisture or water vapor moves in and out of a home in different ways. If you can control these movements effectively, you can minimize their effect on damaging the structure of the home.

Our job is to minimize the water vapor moving through out your building. As different air pressures move through out, they need to be able to ventilate. Moisture can become locked up in dense areas and create mold and mildew from happening.

Moisture can affect your home quickly if it is not handled or goes unnoticed. Without the proper ventilation, moisture control services will be needed. At AdvantaClean we specialize in moisture control services in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Why Control Moisture?

In a nutshell, moisture control can make your home more energy-efficient, less costly to heat and cool, more comfortable, and delay mold growth.

How Do I Control Moisture?

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Moisture problems exists anywhere building components are below grade, whether you have a basement, crawlspace, or slab foundation. You need to insulate as well as properly control moisture to create an energy-efficient and comfortable living space.

Most water leakage results from water flowing through holes, cracks, and other discontinuities into the home's basement walls or from water wicking into the cracks and pores of porous building materials, such as masonry blocks, concrete, or wood. These tiny cracks and pores can absorb water in any direction -- even upward.

The best approaches for preventing these problems will depend on climate, your type of insulation, and style of construction. For existing homes, some of the ways to control moisture include:

  • Installing well-designed gutters and downspouts connected to a drainage system that diverts rainwater completely away from the house.
  • Installing a 6-mil or 12-mil polyethylene vapor diffusion barrier across the crawlspace floor to prevent soil moisture from migrating into the crawlspace. Depending on the level of control desired, vapor barriers can be taped or sealed in various ways or simply overlapped on all seams by 12 inches and run up the crawlspace walls.
  • Adding a sump pump.
  • Sealing crawl space vents and dehumidifying the crawl space.

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