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Why Choose Advantaclean of Sandy Springs:

Second only to mold removal, our business is water damage: this is what we do! With most water damage jobs, mold is encountered, so it is necessary to have someone that is an expert at both. We use industry leading technology and non destructive testing to help locate moisture sources and wet building materials. Not only do we clean up the water, but we identify the source of contamination.

Water damage can be complex, which is why every lead technician at Advantaclean of Sandy Springs is IICRC certified. We use top-of-the- line dehumidifiers, large high capacity HEPA air scrubbers, and axial and centrifugal fans. We utilize the leading technology of a cutting-edge franchise.

At Advantaclean of Sandy Springs we take our time and do the job right; we dry the structure completely and leave your place clean and mold-free. We strive to always deliver a excellent product, never allowing ourselves to become too greedy or too production oriented.

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A water damage specialist should work for you and only you!

  • You have the right to choose any company that you wish to do water damage remediation.
  • Our loyalty is to you, the customer. The preferred provider has mixed loyalties and may be incentivized to keep costs low and overlook necessary work.
  • We use industry pricing and work directly with every insurance company. We are an advocate for you, and we have experience working with difficult insurance situations.
  • Insurance agents that care about their clients will recommend a company based on quality of work. We enjoy working with those agents, because we both have the same goal in mind - your satisfaction.

Our Procedures:

Requirements are different depending on type of exposure and time since exposure. A basement contaminated with sewer water is treated differently than a basement exposed to clean, fresh water.

1) Containment is built to allow us to dry properly and to contain mold if it is encountered.

2) In most cases we remove wet drywall, sometimes it can stay and dry in place. Carpeting, sometimes needs to be removed, depending on the classification of the water (Degree of contamination.)

3) The studs, support members, inside the wall, are cleaned and treated with anti-microbial.

4) The drying process usually lasts 3 days, until all materials register moisture contents below industry standards.

Water Damage Mitigation Water Damage Remediation Drying out space after water damage

We provide the residents of Sandy Springs, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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