Allergic to Air Conditioners?

Allergic to Air Conditioners?

Have your allergies been acting up lately? Well, it turns out there might a pretty simple explanation for that...

Sleeping directly in front of an air vent can have negative effects - like compromising your nasal airway passages, especially when the air conditioning filters haven't been cleaned, trapping pollen, chemicals, or perfumes. Coughing and sneezing symptoms can be easily aggravated in sensitive people.

"In homes and offices, if the air ducts are not cleaned regularly, it leads to what we call the 'sick building syndrome'. Infections spread easily in a closed environment," says Dr. H. Ganapathy, consultant ENT surgeon for Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. People susceptible to rhinitis are also advised not to frequently move between a hot, humid area and a cold, dry one. "It's important to have humidifiers in place. When there is insufficient moisture in the air, the nose gets dry," he says.

Dr. Ganapathy offers the following tips for allergy relief:

  • A/C maintenance is the crux of the issue. If the filters and ducts are cleaned regularly, it can minimise the problem.
  • Ensure there are humidifiers in A/C spaces.
  • Keep out stuffed toys and pets from A/C bedrooms.

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