What makes an attic healthy?

What makes an attic healthy?

Attics are ideal storage areas in a home - they are dry, safe places that keep decorations and personal memorable items we don't use on a regular basis out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

To help ensure you have a healthy attic, structural maintenance and a little organization can go a long way. Do you know what makes an attic healthy?

What makes an attic healthy? Structure & Maintenance:

  • Improperly Maintained Insulation/Ventilation: These are common conditions in an attic. An overwhelming amount of mold growth is actually caused by small problems that are left over time - Undetected leaks, incorrect ventilation, and damaged insulation are just a few.
  • Attic Insulation: There is a growing trend to insulate attic ceilings. Sealing your home to avoid heat loss is energy efficient, but it also keeps out fresh air. Insulating an attic too-tightly can lead to indoor air quality issues, unless there is sufficient ventilation.
  • Roof Maintenance: Improper ventilation can lead to a common problem called ice damming. Ice builds up underneath shingles and causes expansion, lifting shingles and trapping moisture. This allows moisture to gain entry, stick around, and become a gateway for mold growth.

What makes an attic healthy?
Annual Attic Checklist:

  • Air out your attic: If you have attic windows, open them on a nice day a few times a year to allow fresh air inside the space.
  • Maintain Hardware: Tighten the hardware on your pull-down attic stairway if you have one.
  • Flooring: If the floor is not in good condition, lay down plywood or sheets to safely store contents.
  • get organized healthy attic

What makes an attic healthy?
Get Organized:

  • Function: Determine the best function of your attic for your home. Remember, attics can have extreme temperature variance - cold winters and very hot summers could damage fragile decorations, or glass objects.
  • Create Attic Zones: Create areas that will keep your healthy attic organized. Zones could be sectioned by family member, so that each family member can access and organize their space.
  • Maximize Space: Take advantage of the roof slope by mounting a pole between roof rafters for out-of-season clothing. Clothing can be stored in hanging garment bags that seal with an air-tight zipper. Containers and boxes are easier to get to if they are on shelves.
  • Seasonal Storage: When the season changes, remember to audit the contents in your attic! If you haven't worn or used items (such as clothing, linens, drapery, toys, and decorative items) over the year, donate or sell the extra stuff so it won't accumulate.
  • Get Inspired: Check out these ideas by a professional organizer who created an Attic Sanctuary featured on HGTV!

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