Landscape designs that prevent flood damage

Inadequate yard drainage can lead to flooding and ultimately ruin property and landscaping. Landscape drainage solutions can be incorporated in two ways: Surface water drainage, below ground drainage, or both. Redirected downspouts and other structural fixes are effective, but erosion is still possible when gutters are not capable of handling heavy rain and water volume. You can also create curb-appeal with landscape designs that prevent flood damage!

Landscape Designs that prevent flood damage:

Surface drainage systems pull excess water from hardscapes (paved areas such as streets and sidewalks, structures, walls, etc) planting beds and areas where water tends to collect and provides a path on the surface for the water to move. Surface water drainage solutions include connecting additional piping to downspouts, and directing runoff away from the building's foundation. Below are other common solutions for landscape designs that prevent flood damage.

You can also create curb-appeal with landscape designs that prevent flood damage!

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Landscape Designs that prevent flood damage:

Sub-surface drains prevent erosion and protect drainage sensitive plant material or lawns. Sub-surface drainage systems remove water from a saturated yard and carry it through a French Drain (drain rock columns) or a channel structure. The water is then moved into a buried collection pit, drain line, or into an existing drain swale (see next tip for swale info). For more info about what a French drain can prevent, check out What is a French Drain?

Below are other common solutions for landscape designs that prevent flood damage.

Catch Basins collect above-ground runoff at the edge of landscape features (patios, lawns, driveways, etc.) and carry the water to a drainage point in an underground drain pipe. The main advantage of this solution is that it doesn't impact your plants and garden areas.

Dry Streambeds are functional landscape designs that prevent flood damage, as well as add curb appeal. Streambeds create a natural path for water that acts as a containment barrier. Dry streambeds require a natural slope on your property.

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Create a swale: Swales are depressions that follow the contour around the base of a natural or constructed slope. You can build a small swale yourself, but keep in mind that you'll need to hire a pro with heavy duty equipment to move earth. See these instructions for creating a swale.

Planning Landscape Design: For help on planning out the best landscape designs that prevent water damage for your property, see this helpful guide by the Bay Area Stormwater Management Association on Stormwater Control for Small Projects.

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