How to Wipe Out Window Mold for Good

How to Wipe Out Window Mold for Good

When you start your spring cleaning, you'll likely have a whole checklist of household chores to tackle. One of those major to do's will probably be cleaning your windows, and if it's been at least a few months since you've wiped them off, you may be surprised by the amount of mold or mildew on the window sills. But not to worry, we have some great tips for how to wipe out window mold for good!

So, why does mold grow on windows sills?

Mold is a common problem for many households, in all parts of the country. This unsightly growth stems from spores which are carried into the house on your shoes, clothes, or just blown in by air.

how to wipe out window mold

Remember: Mold or mildew cannot grow without water! Eliminating the moisture source is key for prevention!

Once inside your home, mold spores will grow when conditions are optimal for their survival. The biggest factor in this situation is moisture or water damage. Mold spores need hydration to survive and grow, and that is the reason why mold is most often found in bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, and at times your windowsills.

When it comes to windowsills, mold or mildew often grows because of moisture caused by condensation. This often occurs in the winter, because the cold air outside makes the surface temperature of your windows colder, causing the warm air inside to condense into water droplets. Though the amount of this moisture is relatively low, when it meets with bio-film (common to every home), it is enough to feed the growth of mold spores.

Preparation for how to wipe out window mold for good:

When cleaning your windows to get rid of mold or mildew, it's important to keep in mind that there are several steps to the process:

  • Removing the visible mold
  • Cleaning away the bio-film it is feeding on
  • Killing any microscopic spores that may remain on the surface

Like dust, mold can settle onto your skin and even make it inside your lungs if inhaled. Therefore, you should take several precautions to protect yourself:

  • Wear rubber gloves and a cleaning mask
  • We also suggest using safety goggles to prevent any spores from coming in contact with your eyes.

Step-by-step tips for how to wipe out window mold for good:

  • Before you start scrubbing, mix together a solution of mild soap and water and put it into a spray bottle.
  • Next, spray the windowsill with the solution. Most people forget to do this, but it's an essential step because it weighs down the spores and prevents them from flying up into the air when you start scrubbing.
  • Then, take a soft sponge, or scrub brush, add some more detergent to it, and gently scrub the window sill and remove all visible mold. This should not be too difficult, and you will quickly feel like the job is done - but it's not! Once you've removed the visible mold, you must address the microscopic spores left behind.
  • To kill any remaining spores, mix about 1 part chlorine with 4 parts water, and apply the solution to the windowsill. To ensure that the chlorine will kill the spores, leave the solution on the sill for about 15-20 minutes. Then, wash it off with clean water.

Prevention for how to wipe out window mold for good:

DIY mold removal steps

Contact AdvantaClean: To schedule a professional mold inspection for lasting mold removal.

One of the first steps to take when trying to prevent mold growth is to eliminate the source of moisture. The biggest factor to consider in all of this is, why is the window sill getting damp? Are your windows not insulated? Do they need new weather stripping? Are you not properly exhausting your stove top or bathroom fans to the exterior?

If your window mold problem is due to minor condensation common in winter, you can easily get rid of the visible mold by using the steps above, and implementing other diy tips such as adding curtains or window insulation film. But if the moisture issue is more serious, then you may need professional assistance to inspect the area around the windows, as there may be mold growing inside the walls, causing significant structural damage to your home.

Contact AdvantaClean @ 877.800.2382 for a professional mold inspection. Our certified mold specialists have the necessary tools and training to identify the moisture issues causing your mold problem.

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