Tips for 'Baby Proofing' Your Indoor Air

Tips for 'Baby Proofing' Your Indoor Air

Tips for 'Baby Proofing' Your Indoor Air

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For new parents, making sure that your house is safe for baby girl or baby boy is top priority. You've covered all the outlets, installed gates near any stairs, put latches on all cabinets, and installed bumper guards on all sharp corners. Unfortunately, not all threats can be taken care of with equipment bought at your local hardware store.

Poor indoor air quality is an invisible threat to babies (and even to adults), and shouldn't be dismissed when 'baby-proofing' because according to the EPA, children are more susceptible to the effects of contaminated air than their adult counterparts because they breathe in more oxygen relative to their body weight which is why 'baby proofing' your indoor air is so important.

'Baby Proofing' Your Indoor Air Quality

To keep your little ones safe, consider the following products and services for 'baby proofing' your indoor air:

  • Humidifiers. In the winter, relative humidity can plummet, so it's important to add moisture to the air when the furnace runs. Whole-house humidifiers are recommended for most homes located in regions with particularly cold or dry winter climates.
  • Dehumidifiers. Remove excess moisture from the air when humidity levels rise in the summer, paying special attention to the basement or crawlspace.
  • Air purifiers. Air purifiers trap many different types of particulates, and whole-home air purifiers can replace traditional furnace filters which cannot capture smaller particulates.
  • Air duct cleanings. Having your air duct system cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning company will remove particulates that are trapped in your ductwork, preventing them from being circulated throughout your home.
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