Flash Flood Facts

Flash Flood Facts

A flash flood is defined by the Weather Channel as quick-rising waters usually occurring as the result of heavy rains over a short period of time, often only several hours or even less. Each year, more people are killed by flooding than by any other severe weather related hazard, that includes tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes. On average, 90% of all U.S. natural disasters declared by the President involve some sort of flooding. Know the facts, create a plan and be prepared. Flash flooding can occur in any region of the U.S.

Flash Flood Safety Tips

  • Emergency Kit and Plan. Have a few days of food, water and medicines on hand for you, your family and pets. Have an evacuation plan in place, make sure your family knows where your meeting place is outside your home. Have emergency contacts and phone numbers readily available.
  • If Advised To Evacuate, Do So!
  • Do Not Drive. Never drive through a flooded roadway. A car can be taken away in as little as 24" of water. Do not drive around barricades, they are there for your protection and to guide you around flooded areas.Turn Around. Don't Drown.
  • Do Not Attempt To Walk, Swim or Play in Flood Waters. Flood waters can be contaminated with hazardous materials, such as raw sewage, pesticides, gasoline, and sharp objects. There is also the potential danger of electrocution from downed power lines. If your skin comes into contact with flood waters, make sure to was your skin with fresh water and soap as soon as possible.
  • Move Possessions To High Ground. Make sure to move furniture and important items to higher levels in your house. Bring in any outdoor patio furniture. Place all important documents into water tight containers or bags.
  • Listen To Alerts. Tune into your local news or NOAA Weather Radio for emergency information and instructions.
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