Is Mold Making You Sick at Work?

Is Mold Making You Sick at Work?

Whether we enjoy our job or not – and we certainly hope you do – everyone deserves to work in clean, safe and healthy space. But if you’ve been noticing some strange symptoms lately and you’re wondering what the possible cause might be, we’re here to help you answer this important question. Here are a few of the key signs to look for, and some suggestions on actions to take if you think it might be mold making you sick at work.

  1. ABNORMAL ALLERGIC REACTIONS. If you and other coworkers aren’t usually prone to allergic symptoms like watery eyes, a runny nose, itchiness and other similar reactions, then it could be a sign that mold is affecting your workplace. Coworkers who already have more sensitive respiratory systems and suffer from problems like asthma and allergies may also notice an increase in the severity of their symptoms around mold. So ask around among your fellow colleagues to see whether they too have noticed a change in the indoor environment. Especially if a group of you are located in one particular area of the building, then could be a further indication that an environmental toxin, and possibly mold, is the source of the problem.
  2. FUNNY SMELLS. We’re not just talking about that guy down the hall who needs to take a shower more often, or the one lady you avoid because she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of brushing her teeth! If you’ve noticed a musty, strange smell emanating from a particular area, then maybe mold is to blame. Try removing any other potential sources of the smell like the garbage can and see if the odor persists. You can even pop some ceiling tiles down to do some further investigation if you’re feeling brave, but we don’t recommend this if you’re highly sensitive to environmental allergens.

What You Can't See Can Damage Your Business!

  1. STRANGE SPOTS. When a discolored spot appears on one or more of those ceiling tiles, then there’s an even greater possibility that a water leak somewhere in your workplace has caused mold to start developing. Other places to look are walls, floors, and the insides of cabinets, especially under sinks. The smallest leak, if left alone for long enough, can very easily set the perfect conditions for mold to start growing and causing problems with your indoor air quality.
  2. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IF YOU FIND MOLD. First of all, don’t panic if you think you’ve discovered mold! You won’t know if it’s a severely toxic form of black mold or another type of spore until you’ve had a professional mold inspection and mold testing team in to conduct an assessment. But letting your supervisors know about the problem is a great first step – and if you’re the supervisor, this isn’t the time to say, “Yeah, OK, I’ll take care of that” and then promptly put it on the bottom of your to do list. This is mold we’re talking about here! If you don’t take action, it could develop into even worse issues like worker’s compensation claims from sick employees, a loss of productivity and even inspection problems from OSHA. Be the kind of employer who truly takes care of your employees and they will love working for you!
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