Is Your Crawlspace Affecting Your Living Conditions?

Is Your Crawlspace Affecting Your Living Conditions?

If you’ve got a crawlspace under your home or other structure, how are things going down there? Not sure? Can’t remember the last time you checked? Then maybe it’s time for an inspection because even though your crawlspace isn’t technically indoors, it can have a significant impact on your indoor air quality, which in turn has many effects on your health, your wallet and your happiness at home and work.
Here are some of the problems that unmonitored and unsealed crawlspaces can cause:

  • The Stack Effect DiagramThe Stack Effect: The space beneath your feet can trap warmth and moisture between the ground and your floorboards, creating a natural phenomenon where the warmer air eventually rises into your living and working spaces through your floorboards. Not only does this make your indoor environment more humid and less comfortable, but it also makes your HVAC system work harder to control the temperature, resulting in wasted energy consumption and higher utility bills.
  • Rodent Pest Rat Under Your HomeCritters: An unsealed crawlspace is like putting a big, blinking neon “VACANCY” sign under your home for everything from insects to varmints to make their homes right below your feet. Nobody wants roaches, mice, snakes, or any other kind of creepy-crawly critter setting up shop under their home or business. But that’s what can easily happen with a crawlspace that isn’t sealed or monitored.
  • Structure Degradation: Over time, a highly moist environment can start to wear down your floorboards, joists and other support systems for your home’s structure as the wood begins to rotDeteriorating CrawlSpace . You’ve worked too hard to buy and maintain a property to watch it slowly waste away from the underside up, right?
  • Toxins: Probably the biggest threat to your crawlspace if the moisture isn’t controlled is the development of mildew spots that are potentially toxic, like black mold and other spores that can lead to respiratory issues, headaches, and all kinds of other health problems if they rise into your indoor environment through the stack effect. Dust mites can also be particularly problematic in crawlspaces that are dirty and never cleaned out.

The First Step. If you’re still reading, then that probably means that you’re at least a little concerned about the present condition of the underbelly of your home. But before you panic, get a simple breathing mask for protection, find a flashlight and throw on some old clothes, then take a little bit of time to do a quick look around your crawlspace. Look for signs of mold or water damage on your floorboards or joists, check for puddles of water or damp spots on the ground, and obviously if you find any signs of insect or rodent infestation, then your fears may be confirmed. However…

Don’t Panic! So, is your crawlspace affecting your living conditions? If the answer is even a “maybe,” and especially if it’s a “yes,” then this isn’t the time to freak out. Instead, contact the basement and crawlspace professionals at your local AdvantaClean service provider. We’re the experts in everything having to do with moisture control for homes and offices. Since 1994, we’ve been helping home and business owners like you get a handle on the moisture issues that can impact your property and, more importantly, the people you care about the most. Our highly trained teams of basement and crawlspace technicians will show up on time, conduct a thorough inspection of your property, give you a detailed cost estimate, and answer any and every question you may have about the process.

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What We’ll Do. Our crawlspace encapsulation service will cover every square foot of surface between the ground and your floor with a thick, durable and airtight synthetic sheeting that’s proven to seal out the excess crawlspace moisture that’s been seeping into the underside of your structure. We’ll also equip you with the latest dehumidifier that will ensure you have a clean and dry space beneath your feet for years to come. Don’t let the potential cost of a crawlspace encapsulation scare you off – our services are very affordable and we’ll work with your budget to make it happen. You’ll thank yourself later when you have lower utility bills, cleaner indoor air to breathe while you enjoy time with family and while you work, and when your property’s value has increased because you took this important proactive step.

Take that essential first step today by contacting us now – we’re standing by to serve you and your loved ones. Remember: your home won’t be truly clean until it’s AdvantaClean!

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