The Situation:

mold on the ceilingA large, high-rise, luxury hotel hired a local AdvantaClean business to address a minor mold removal during a hotel-wide renovation. As remediation work began, widespread mold was discovered growing behind the wall coverings throughout the hotel due to an undetected water intrusion.

The Solution:

AdvantaClean was hired to perform multiple environmental remediation services.

  • The scope of work included mold remediation, structural drying and demolition of hallways, guest rooms and ballrooms throughout the 17-story, 200-room hotel.
  • All wall coverings, floor coverings, contaminated drywall and furniture were removed one floor at a time.
  • Microbial growth was remediated and air quality tested prior to renovation of all guest rooms, expediting the reconstruction process. AdvantaClean passed strenuous clearance testing on the first round, each time it was performed.
  • With all hospitality venues, time is of the essence and discretion is paramount, to minimize business and guest disruption. AdvantaClean’s professional appearance, approach and technical expertise enabled the hotel to continue servicing guests while the remediation was handled and renovations continued.
  • Mold Remediation
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