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coil cleaningThe health of your HVAC system is largely determined by the efficiency of its evaporator and condenser coils. Ignoring the maintenance of the coils results in higher power utility bills, thereby creating unnecessary strain on your finances. AdvantaClean coil cleaning experts in North Central Indiana provide a variety of services from coil maintenance to heating and cooling jobs. They will make sure that the coils in your HVAC system run at their efficient best and provide you fresh indoor air.

How Problems Are Caused

Evaporator and condenser coils are an important part of an HVAC system and due to the passage of air, dust and debris build up in the coils, thereby obstructing the flow of air. This reduces the operational efficiency of an HVAC system. Apart from that, dirty coils decrease air flow and increase energy expenses. According to a study, dirty coils cause electricity bills to increase by 37%.

What to do

If you want to run your HVAC system efficiently, you should let its condenser and evaporator coils continue functioning properly so that your system remains in running condition. This also includes replacing your coils when necessary. AdvantaClean experts in North Central Indiana are certified technicians who know how they are to improve air efficiency and air quality with 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you want your air-conditioner to produce the best result, call us to schedule an obligation-free visit.

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