Moisture Control Independence, MO

Attic Ventilation

If you live in or around Independence, MO, and you're wondering what you can do in the way of moisture control, you're in luck. AdvantaClean, a brand known across the nation for its light environmental cleaning work, has opened a branch near you and offers treatments that can lower attic moisture as well as moisture in crawl spaces and basements.

We work in both homes and businesses, and we're available during flexible hours for consultations. Our company also has a 24-hour emergency line. Let us briefly describe our moisture control treatments and why they're important.


Poor ventilation leads to a high amount of moisture in attics; add a few roof leaks to the mix, and you have a recipe for mold growth. Mold can seep down into your property through holes in your supply and return vents, causing you and the other occupants to get sick. Symptoms of mold exposure range from headaches to respiratory problems to memory loss.

To prevent mold growth, let us come in and improve the ventilation, as this is the most effective moisture control method. We can install a combination of roof vents and soffit vents - maintaining the rule that for every 300 square feet of ceiling space, you should have 1 square foot of ventilation - or we might install an attic fan. A lot of it depends on the shape of your roof, but this will be covered in our consultation.


Basement Dehumidifier

Moisture in basements is a continual problem and can be aggravated in a number of ways. For example, any flood at the ground level will seep down and affect your basement walls. The drainage system might be prone to leaking. The windows might not be sealed properly, inviting surface runoff to leak into your basement. Even the foundation might become wet because of groundwater swelling. However, there are solutions to all of these. We might recommend plumbing work for the pipes and landscaping work to keep surface runoff from touching your windows; as for the foundation, we can install a capillary break.

The most important step in moisture control is to waterproof the basement. There are several ways to choose from. One DIY method is to cover your walls with waterproofing paint, but this only provides temporary results; moisture will eventually seep in and cause the paint to peel and crack. We offer sure results with our concrete sealants. Once we lay this on your concrete and masonry walls, moisture will never get in. You'll even be able to paint over it.

However, if this is too drastic a measure, we can install a dehumidifier to provide 24/7 moisture control. Moisture levels should be below 70%, so it will turn on when that point is exceeded.


Contact AdvantaClean today to see how you can lower your basement and attic moisture levels. We're trusted across the Independence area for moisture control, and when mold does appear on customers' properties, we can quickly eliminate it.


We provide the residents of Independence, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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