Air duct cleaning may not sound like a major job, but it is, especially here in Katy, TX. Since it's not recommended that you go into your attic or crawl space yourself and clean the ducts, you'll want to hire a team of experts for this. At AdvantaClean of Houston West, we'd be more than happy to comply with your request. We work in both residential and commercial properties.

Our team is proud to follow the high standards of a nationwide franchise. AdvantaClean has been refining and improving its services during its more than 20-year history, so you can trust our local branch for thorough results. At the same time, we'll provide the warm customer care you expect from a locally owned and operated business.


Your HVAC system draws air from outside, which means it will also bring in contaminants like dirt, dust, and pollen. By circulating indoor air, it can deposit things like pet hair and dander into the ducts as well. In addition, tobacco smoke will leave its odor. Without an air duct cleaning, this will lower the indoor air quality and affect the health of you and your occupants, especially those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

If your air ducts contain a leak, water may get inside, dampen the insulation, and encourage mold and mildew growth. Though an infestation is rare in this part of a property, the health effects should still give one pause. Not everyone is affected in the same way, but symptoms of exposure range from headaches and chronic fatigue to respiratory problems to memory loss.

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The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that air duct cleanings be done every three to five years. As a member of this same organization, we agree, though some commercial properties may need it more frequently because of the environment they produce. Our team will quickly remove the debris from your vents using various methods. We'll scrape away whatever is caked on to the surface, and we'll vacuum every inch of the ducts.

Our AdvantaClean team will make sure to bring antimicrobial chemicals in case there's mold or mildew. These chemicals have EPA approval, so you can rest assured that they won't harm your health or the environment. We'll also deodorize the ducts, if necessary. After the air duct cleaning is done, consider hiring us to wash the compressor coil. This is an essential part of HVAC cleaning as a whole and will keep your system running smoothly for a long time to come.

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AdvantaClean of Houston West can provide accurate estimates for air duct cleanings. Let us come to your location in Katy, TX, and inspect the ducts. You'll love how affordable our pricing is. To get started, give our office a call any time, any day of the week.

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We provide the residents of Houston West, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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