Case Studies

Why you need a dehumidifier

Location: Saint Charles, MO 63304

Problem: Elevated Humidity in St. Louis

Solution: Purchase a Dehumidifier for your home to maintain the humidity below 60% to prevent mold from forming on joists and subfloor in basement, requiring professional mold removal.


Crawlspace Encpasulation, Mold Removal, and Sump Pit Installation

Location: St. Louis, MO 63077

Problem: Customer's rental property was to be their long term retirement home. After their renter's left, they discovered that the home was very musty smelling, extremely humid during the summer, and had very little storage space since there was no basement, but just an unusable, moldy crawlspace. Also, they needed a new furnace but the HVAC contractor would not install new system without the customer first insulating the ductwork in the crawlspace and replacing the moldy insulation.

Solution: AdvantaClean first removed the existing insulation and remediated all the mold on the crawlspace floor joists. Our team then level graded the dirt crawlspace foundation, sealed all the air cracks, insulated and repaired all HVAC ductwork, installed a sump pit and exit line, and installed 20 mil crawlspace liner which was then sealed to the walls. Finally we insulated the crawlspace walls, installed a crawlspace specific dehumidifer and replaced their old rotten wood crawlspace door.

moisture control in the crawl space moisture and mold in a wet crawl space

crawl space moisture control preparation crawl space encapsulation with a moisture controlled vapor barrier

Water Damage from Severe Flooding

Location: Baton Rouge, LA 70726

Problem: The local rivers and streams flooded over after a series of massive rainstorms. Over 6 feet of water flooded the customers home. Major mold and water damage destroyed most all of their belongings and contents.

Solution: AdvantaClean of West St. Louis helped to respond immediately. The entire home's contents and structure was gutted at least 6' up but in many cases the entire wall was removed. Our production teams worked for 5 days straight to remove all wet building materials, dry the remaining structure, and prevent massive mold growth from occurring. The customer was so pleased with our team's work that they recommended we also help out their other family members around town. We then spent another week working out of our RV to help out the many flooded victims of Baton Rouge.

mold covering the kitchen cabinets mold forming behind the kitchen cabinets after water damage from flooding

water damage mitigation and dry wall removal from severe flooding mold removal after a water damage mitigation job

Burst Pipe Flooded Home Leading To Major Water Damage

Location: Chesterfield, MO 63017

Problem: A retired man who had cancer was recovering in the hospital for months. His home was being watched by his son and neighbors who really just checked on the mail. Upon checking the house one day, his son heard some water running. He realized a pipe in the attic above the 2nd story had burst and had flooded the entire home destroying the basement, much of the first floor and some of the attic and 2nd floor.

Solution: AdvantaClean responded to the call within the hour. The water damage mitigation and mold damage remediation began immediately. The home was returned to the son after 5 days in a dry and fully remediated state. We even helped to locate some of the very precious personal items his father held most dear like his deceased mother's wedding ring!

water damage from a burst pipe water damage caused floors to buckle

water damage leaking from the 2nd floor of the home water damage ruined the bathroom ceilings from a burst pipe

water damage dry wall removal to prevent mold case studies

Commercial Air / Dryer Duct Cleaning

Location: Clarkson Valley, MO 63017

Problem: Lifetime Fitness is an upscale fitness center with full towel service for it's thousands of members. Their commercial dryers are constantly running and generate enormous amounts of lint debris. There have been instances across the country of dryer vent fires due to lint buildup combined with high dryer vent heat.

Solution: AdvantaClean now helps clean each dryer vent annually across the country for LifeTime Fitness. This helps keep the dryer's running efficiently and safely.

dryer vent cleaning for Lifetime Fitness cleaning the dryer vent exhaust pipes at Lifetime Fitness

dryer vent debris dryer vent mold, dirt, and debris built up in Lifetime Fitness dryers

We provide the residents of West St. Louis County, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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