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Crawl Space Moisture Solutions

A crawl space is at least one of the most important areas of a building. The existing condition in crawl spaces has a direct bearing on the quality of air occupants breathe in day in, day out. Dangerous and destructive agents like mold, moisture, microbes, insects and pests can wreak havoc by damaging and contaminating crawl space structures, polluting the air, and causing different types of diseases.

Moisture Control Experts

AdvantaClean of the Midlands does the right diagnosis and provides the right treatment for affected crawl spaces. After you fix an appointment with us, we respond promptly and carry out a detailed inspection and evaluation of the crawl space that we have to work on. During this stage, we test the air quality and look for rotting structures, dislocated items, uneven floor, and foreign particles. We then get down to disinfecting, cleaning, repairing and working on the maintenance of the crawl space.

We offer a complete solution for a range of crawl space issues so that our clients don’t have to hire someone else again for the same job.

AdvantaClean Crawl Space Encapsulations

Did you know that 40% of the air on the first floor of a home or building comes from the crawlspace? Our AdvantaSeal Crawl Space Encapsulation System locks out moisture by isolating the home from the earth and exterior humidity. This allows for improved air quality, increased overall energy efficiency, keeps critters and bugs out, and reduces moisture in the air throughout the home or building.

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