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Success Stories

Location: Cartersville, GA 30120

Problem: A recent customer stated that they feel congested in the mornings and that their house seems to need dusting all the time. The house was built in 2005, but they didn't know if the vents have ever been cleaned.

Solution: We went to the house and saw that the vents were dirty on the outside especially in the "cat room". When we took off the vent covers we noticed that it was not just on the covers but the entire duct system was covered in dust and debris. We suggested that they get their HVAC system cleaned and that it would greatly improve the air quality in their home. Our technicians' worked through the house to clean all the vents, returns and the air handler. After a thorough cleaning of their HVAC system their home will now have better air quality and save in a lot of time in dusting!

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