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AdvantaClean has been cleaning and restoring homes since the mid-90s. We are highly-trained and extremely efficient at all our service offerings. If your home or business requires mold remediation, moisture control, water removal, an air duct cleaning or a dryer vent cleaning, AdvantaClean is your best, first-class option in the Corsicana, Texas area. We love cleaning and restoring your damaged home and returning it to a healthy state. Call us now!


If your home has a mysterious smell, your family keeps getting sick, or you see suspicious black spots on the wall, you need a mold inspection. AdvantaClean of Ellis County provides knowledgeable and first-class mold inspections in the Corsicana, Texas area to pursue every suspicion of mold growth, especially black mold. Mold is unhealthy and hazardous. Your home and your health can suffer if it's left untreated. During the mold inspection, we will determine the source and extent of the problem and determine the best course of action for mold remediation.

Mold always needs removal, and the faster that is accomplished, the safer your house is. Our mold remediation method uses HEPA-filtered vacuums, an anti-microbial spray, and air scrubbers. We remove your visible mold and all the mold spores on the surfaces and in the air of the affected areas.

For the mold to be correctly removed and to prevent a recurrence of growth, the source of moisture needs elimination. If your attic is humid, your basement suffers from rainwater intrusions, or your crawlspace is moist, we need to resolve the issue. During mold inspection and moisture control appointments, we diagnose the cause of the moisture buildup and evaluate the best way to fix it. We can offer your Corsicana home with crawl space encapsulation, installation of a sump pump or dehumidifier, and basement waterproofing.


It only takes a cup of water to damage your house. Overwatering your plants or Christmas tree, a burst pipe in your bathroom or a flooding weather event can all cause severe damage. Your floors might buckle and warp, your drywall may crumble, and your possessions could become irreparably ruined; if your house has an unwanted water intrusion, you need prompt water removal and water damage restoration.

AdvantaClean of Ellis County supplies the Corsicana, Texas area with 24/7 emergency water services. Our water removal approach includes skilled extraction, industrial-sized fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, and mold prevention. Water introduces harmful bacteria, creating an unhealthy environment for your family. Timely and talented flood cleanup and sewage cleanup is your best protection.


We recommend cleaning your air ducts every five to seven years. Regular air duct cleanings protect your family from the ravages of poor indoor air quality because your ductwork is the perfect hideout for every harmful contaminant that enters your home. Hazardous airborne particles wreak havoc on your health and severely impact your family members with asthma or allergies.

We use the NADCA preferred system of negative air pressure and the push-pull method to clean your main trunk line and branch lines. Our approach leaves no particle behind. Schedule an air duct cleaning today and protect your family from breathing bad air.

AdvantaClean also offers dryer vent cleanings. The threat of a dryer vent fire increases every year you skip cleaning the vent as a part of your annual home maintenance. If your clothes take several cycles to dry, the dryer is hot to the touch, or it's been over a year since the last cleaning, schedule a dryer vent cleaning to protect your family from a dryer vent fire. We clean the back of the dryer where lint collects, the flexible duct, and the entire length of the vent inside the wall. Call us today!

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We provide the residents of Ellis County, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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