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Here at AdvantaClean of Ellis County and Waco, our technicians are exceptionally trained in every aspect of commercial and residential mold. Our Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Mold Remediators are the best in the industry and are uniquely capable of guiding you through every step of the mold process.Mold Removal Specialists

What is mold?

The simplest answer is that mold is a fungus. It's a plant-like organism that can grow just about anywhere, including your home. It doesn't need photosynthesis to live, so you may find it lurking in a dark, damp basement or crawlspace, or even inside your walls. Mold spores are everywhere in the air, indoor and outdoor (except the winter), and only become a problem when the spore count is elevated higher inside your home than it is outside, or you can visibly see it growing on the structure of your home or business. Mold negatively impacts your indoor air quality, and can have lasting effects on your health. Whether you simply suspect a mold problem, or you can see it right in front of you, it is important to remediate the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Where does mold grow?

Mold needs moisture to grow. If you have a high concentration of moisture in one area of the home, you may be growing a mold problem. Common moisture prone areas include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • On any organic material

Are you concerned about visible mold?

If your exterminator told you there is mold growing on the floor joists in your crawlspace, your HVAC repairman discovered mold in your attic, or you can see it creeping up the dry wall in your bathroom, you have visible mold. As soon as its presence has become known, it's vital you remedy the situation promptly. Call AdvantaClean of Ellis County today; we're happy to discuss the situation with you and go over all your remediation options.

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Do you smell a weird odor in your home?

A mold problem isn't always a visible problem. Sometimes the first warning sign of non-visible mold is a strong musty or mildew smell. If you're worried about mold lurking out of sight, consider having a mold inspection or mold testing performed in your home before the problem gets out of hand.

Whether it's behind your walls, inside your ceiling or hidden below your feet, a mold inspection or mold testing appointment allows us to find where your mold problem lies. As soon as we've determined the location, we can plan for its removal. If you've started noticing a mold or mildew smell in your home, schedule an appointment right away, so we can help you get to the bottom of the situation.

What are the health effects of mold?

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity to mold. One person in your household may be highly allergic, while another hasn't noticed a single symptom. If you or someone in your home is experiencing health problems, it may be hard to know exactly where the symptoms are coming from, but some symptoms to keep an eye on include:

  • Headaches
  • Congestion
  • Watery eyes
  • Coughing

If your household has noticed a sudden occurrence of these symptoms, or an uptick in the severity, it may be time to schedule a mold inspection. You should also pay attention to whether the symptoms lessen or go away when you are not in the home, and return when you come home.

Choosing a mold remediation professional

When you notice or suspect a mold problem in your Waco home, find a company that employs Certified Mold Inspectors (CMI) and Certified Mold Remediation Consultants (CMR). Handymen and general contractors may think they can handle a mold problem themselves, but if they are not trained and certified in proper mold remediation processes, your problem may not fully go away and may return. A reputable company like AdvantaClean of Ellis County and Waco will only employ CMIs and CMRs who can successfully perform mold testing, mold inspections, and mold removal the right way every time.

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