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AdvantaClean is a household name in the Greenville and Spartanburg areas of South Carolina. True to its tagline, AdvantaClean of Greenville/Spartanburg is ensuring that its clients live in a healthy environment, both at home and in office, by improving the quality of indoor air. The range of light environmental services it provides include mold removal, water damage restoration, moisture control and coil cleaning. Air duct cleaning is among the major air quality improvement services it provides in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Like other AdvantaClean franchisees, dryer vent and coil cleaning come under the air duct cleaning services of AdvantaClean of Greenville/Spartanburg. The company follows proprietary cleaning processes for thorough cleaning that are way ahead of traditional methods. It follows industry standards and guidelines.

Air Duct Inspection Greenville and Spartanburg, SCAdvantaClean of Greenville/Spartanburg provides free inspection services to residents and commercial facilities. Its army of certified technicians is trained to give the best customer experience in cleaning and maintenance of air ducts so that people only breathe in clean air. These duct cleaning services are meant to give a boost to indoor air quality and lead to healthy living and working.

The fact that AdvantaClean of Greenville and Spartanburg is locally owned and operated by a team of caring professionals adds to the trust that customers repose in the company and strengthens the bond that exists between the two sides. AdvantaClean is a biohazard remediation and restoration specialist with quick response time. Clean and safe indoor air is AdvantaClean of Greenville and Spartanburg’s top priority and it works to this end by ensuring that the HVAC equipment of Greenville and Spartanburg are up to scratch.


Air ducts are important to your home or office building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The ductwork moves air from the evaporator to every part of the building. Most homeowners and commercial property managers realize how important HVAC system maintenance is to good indoor air quality, but proper air duct maintenance often goes undone because the problem is hard to see.


The problem may be hard to see, but often it can be smelled. Dust, dirt, pollen and other particles contaminate air vents even if filters are changed regularly. Indoor air quality throughout the building suffers as the contaminants are spread. Even worse, air ducts can retain condensation moisture due to over-use of the air conditioning in parts of the country with high humidity. That moisture can breed mold and bacteria inside uncleaned air ducts. That mold and bacteria can lead to serious illness for the people in the home or office. Our duct cleaning and HVAC restoration service remove these contaminants, thereby improving the indoor air quality and preventing illness.


The same contaminants that spread illnesses through dirty air ducts also can cause additional turbulence throughout the HVAC system. That particle resistance makes the system work harder, which in turn will increase energy costs. In large office facilities, clean air ducts can save thousands in energy costs each year.

At AdvantaClean of Greenville/Spartanburg, our experience in commercial HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning makes us uniquely qualified to service buildings of any size. We’ve provided light environmental services to homes and commercial properties across the United States, including:

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • High rise buildings
  • Small offices
  • Data centers


Lifetime maintenance costs for an HVAC system can range from the low thousands for a residential property to tens of thousands for a commercial facility. Neglected HVAC system maintenance can easily double that rate. Unnecessary component failures caused by dirty and contaminated air ducts can cost more than $10,000 in additional repairs in some facilities.

Cleaning air ducts cost less than you might think. Plus it lets your HVAC system work as it was designed. By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and inconvenient downtime.

We recommend air ducts be professionally cleaned every 5-7 years. The technicians at AdvantaClean of Greenville/Spartanburg are properly licensed and thoroughly trained at our corporate headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina. Let us help you save money and improve indoor air quality. Call AdvantaClean today.

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