Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Sherwood, OR

AdvantaClean serves homeowners and business owners in Sherwood, OR, whenever they need light environmental cleaning. No matter how extensive your job is, you can be confident you'll get professional work because we belong to a national brand. AdvantaClean was established in 1994 and has opened hundreds of locations since that time.

Below is a short summary of what we do. If ever you have an emergency, you can take advantage of our office's 24-hour availability.

Mold Removal

As a member of the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO), we have access to high-tech mold testing equipment. We can easily determine what mold levels are like, and we'll even identify mold on sight. Since this fungus can't be removed entirely from the atmosphere, our goal is to keep it below a safe limit. To this end, we might install an air scrubber in certain parts of your property.

For areas of high concentration, you'll want to ask for mold remediation. After putting on the right safety gear, our team will use HEPA vacuums to remove the mold on your walls, ceiling, drainpipe, or other surface. Afterwards, every surface will be disinfected with an antimicrobial chemical. In cases where mold is too ingrained to be removed, we can perform encapsulation.

To make your basement or crawl space less appealing to mold, you can do one of two things. Basement waterproofing involves sealing your walls with a concrete barrier. Crawl space encapsulation is where we place a plastic vapor barrier over your walls and floor. We can only do these after a mold inspection, however, since there should be no outstanding problems.

Water Damage Restoration

From natural flooding to manmade spills, AdvantaClean can take on almost anything. We're experts in every aspect of mitigation, including water removal, sewage and debris cleanup, drying, and sanitizing, and our trucks carry equipment like water pumps, vacuums, and fans.

While we can't do plumbing repairs ourselves, we can always get to the origin of a leak, even if it's behind one of your walls. With our EPA lead-safe certification, our employees can safely handle walls with lead-based paint. We'll also make sure that seepage is eliminated before it invites mold growth and dry rot.

After we've curbed the water damage, you can request our assistance with filing your insurance claim. We work with all insurance companies.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts gather dirt, dust, pollen, and other outside contaminants, and when they build up, they can lower the indoor air quality and even obstruct airflow. We recommend a cleaning every three to five years. We also recommend getting a dryer vent cleaning since these vents can get clogged with lint. If your clothes dryer becomes unnaturally hot and takes longer to do its job, these are warning signs.

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You can ask any questions about the services mentioned above. Just give our office in Sherwood, OR, a call today. The AdvantaClean franchise has won the Best of HomeAdvisor Award, and the high quality of our work will reflect that.

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