Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Greenfield, IN

AdvantaClean is your source for residential and commercial cleaning. We take on the major projects like mold removal and flood restoration, but we also provide regular cleaning for air ducts and dryer vents. The outline below will explain these in more detail.

There are hundreds of AdvantaClean locations in the U.S., and we're happy to have opened one here in Greenfield, IN. If you hire us, you'll get professional service backed by more than 20 years of experience.

Mold Removal

For expert mold remediation, take advantage of our 24-hour emergency availability, and we'll come over as soon as we've gathered the right personnel. We have HEPA-filtered vacuums that will suck the mold out of your walls, ceiling, drainpipe, or other surface. Afterwards, we'll wipe down the surfaces with an EPA-approved antimicrobial chemical. Air scrubbers will capture whatever goes airborne.

We're also available for mold inspections. Our team can identify most species of mold on sight, but our main purpose is to find out how much of this fungus is in the air. Our mold testing kits will give us accurate measurements.

You can also depend on us for mold prevention services like crawl space encapsulation. Your walls and floor will be protected from water condensation thanks to our vapor barrier. By adding insulation, you'll reduce humidity as well.

Water Damage Restoration

Leave the water mitigation to us. Whether you had a flood, pipe leak, or spill, we'll tailor our work to your situation. We'll start with water removal - tracking down every bit of water that has trickled through the floors - then proceed to dry and deodorize the interior. Your belongings will receive our close attention. We can wipe down furniture and upholstery with chlorine bleach, and we can steam clean carpets and rugs.

Our team is able to remove walls to address any water damage behind them. We can remove wet insulation and even pinpoint leaks behind the walls. With our EPA-lead safe certification, you don't have to worry if your walls contain lead-based paint.

Whenever there's flooding in the basement, we'll run a dehumidifier there. It will have to run continuously for at least several days. As with the crawl space, we offer a service that can prevent major damage here, and it's called basement waterproofing. We'll lay a sealant over your walls, which will harden into a concrete vapor barrier.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants in the ductwork can trigger allergies and asthma as well as strain the HVAC system. We'll clean the ducts out and even treat them for mold. You can also ask for a dryer vent cleaning. By removing the lint buildup in your vent, we can keep your clothes dryer running efficiently and without the danger of a fire.

Residential & Commercial Services Available:

-Mold Removal
-CrawlSpace Encapsulation
-Water Damage
-Air Duct Cleaning

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The AdvantaClean brand is so widely trusted that in 2016, it won the Best of HomeAdvisor Award. It has been designated as a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional.

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