Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Maumelle, AR

Located in Maumelle, AR, and backed by a national brand, AdvantaClean of Central Arkansas wants to be your source for environmental cleaning. Our franchise is a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional and has even won the 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Award, so we know that we have quite a reputation to live up to. We follow the highest standards for service and conduct, and for everyone's safety, we comply with OSHA and EPA health regulations.

Mold Removal

We're available 24/7 for emergency situations, and one that we often address is mold infestation. Whether it's growing across your walls, on your plumbing, or in the air ducts, our certified mold remediation experts will eliminate it right away. Our HEPA-filtered vacuums can remove 99.99% of mold, though it's important to remember that mold can sometimes be so ingrained as to never come out. In such cases, we'll perform encapsulation.

It isn't hard to schedule a mold inspection with us. If you run a business, we'll come after you close for the day, and using our high-tech mold testing kits, we'll determine the amount of mold in each room. If there's cause for concern, we can set up an air scrubber or recommend something more drastic.

Crawl space encapsulation is related to this field because it can take away two conditions for mold to grow: the presence of condensation, and high humidity. We also offer basement waterproofing, which will create an impenetrable barrier against water penetration.

Water Damage Restoration

At AdvantaClean of Central Arkansas, we've addressed everything from flooding to storm damage to leaks in the plumbing system. The mitigation process is roughly the same for every situation. We'll arrive armed with portable pumps for water removal, and we'll get to work on drying your interior. We may have to run fans and dehumidifiers continuously until the threat of dry rot and mold has passed.

Sewage and bacteria usually go hand in hand with water damage, so a lot of our attention will be focused on disinfecting your possessions and deodorizing the interior. We'll steam clean floors and use chlorine bleach to eliminate all harmful contaminants.

Our team advises you to never throw anything away if you're going to file a claim. We work with all insurance companies and will strive to see that you're compensated.

Air Duct Cleaning

This, combined with dryer vent cleaning, is a service that our company can provide on a regular basis. Air ducts become clogged with dust, pollen, and pet hair, while dryer vents will build up lint and dirt. Let us clean both out; it doesn't matter if we have to go behind walls to do so. In the end, your HVAC system and your clothes dryer will run more efficiently, and your air quality will improve.

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The AdvantaClean franchise has been around since 1994, and during that time it has been able to refine and update its services. Give our office in Maumelle, AR, a call today.

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