Case Studies

Wet Carpet in Master Bedroom

CUSTOMER: Elizabeth Jack

LOCATION: Lubbock, Texas 79424

The homeowners had a clogged air conditioning condensation pipe that caused the condensation to over flow and leak on the wood platform on which it sat. The air conditioning unit was about a foot off the ground and sat next to the water heater in the garage closet. The water from the condensation pipe ran beneath the platform and into the master bedroom that shared a wall with the garage closet. Knowing they needed to have the water extracted and their home dried properly, the Jacks called AdvantaClean.

AdvantaClean of the South Plains arrived within 30 minutes of being called. We extracted as much water was we could with our weighted extractor and then began to pull back the carpet and remove the saturated and destroyed carpet pad. After several moisture readings it was determined that sections of base board and dry wall would have to be removed as well to ensure proper drying. Initially we decided not to pull the water heater and AC unit and attempted to dry the platform from the bottom side. We placed multiple fans and a dehumidifier to help with the drying process.

After 24 hours we returned to monitor our drying equipment and to determine our progress in the master bedroom and whether or not we would have to replace the platform in the garage beneath the water heater and AC unit. Moisture readings determined we were dry in the master bedroom, but were still wet underneath the water heater and AC units. At that point we decided we would have to drain and remove the water heater as well as the AC unit.

Once both units were removed, we pulled the saturated platform and made sure the are was dried to IICRC industry standards. We rebuilt the platform and reinstalled the water heater and AC unit. We replaced the dry wall and baseboards that had to be removed, relayed the carpet pad and re-stretched the carpet.

Basement Water Damage Restoration


PROBLEM: There was a pipe leak on the ground floor and the water slowly leaked into the basement for a couple of days before the problem was discovered. When AdvantaClean of the South Plains and our water damage and restoration team showed up, the carpet was floating in nearly two inches of water and the drywall and entertainment center were completely saturated and wet.

SOLUTION: When AdvantaClean of the South Plains and our water removal and restoration team arrived, we first made sure the leak had been stopped and that there was no longer water dripping into the basement. We communicated with our customers what we were going to be doing step-by-step so that they knew exactly what to expect. We used our water extraction machines to remove and dispose of as much of the standing water that we could. Then in accordance with the IICRC, AdvantaClean of the South Plains removed and disposed of carpet pad and carpet, removed and disposed of baseboard, cut and disposed of saturated dry wall, and then placed fans and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process. We went back the following days to monitor how the basement was drying. We left our equipment there until the plumbers were able to repair the leak a few days later. Once the basement was dry and the leak had been repaired, our referral partners came in and built back the basement better than it was before.

Water Damage Restoration at Local Department Store

Location: Lamesa, TX 79331

Problem: Friday evening, a pipe for the fire suppression system at a local Bealls department store busted do to freezing temperatures for an extended period. The pipe that busted was in an entry way that wasn’t insulated very well. The store manager was unsure how to shut the water off to the building, so the busted pipe leaked an abundance of water for nearly an hour before they could stop it. The leak caused massive water damage throughout the store so they called AdvantaClean to take care of the water damage restoration.

Solution: When AdvantaClean showed up Friday evening, there was water everywhere, some places as deep as two inches. Due to freezing temperatures, AdvantaClean used their portable extraction unit to remove the water to avoid any freezing to trucks and hoses. AdvantaClean worked tirelessly through the night and into Saturday morning moving racks of clothes around, extracting water, and moving racks of clothes back to where they belonged. AdvantaClean removed and extracted nearly 1,200 gallons of water from the store. AdvantaClean removed baseboards and drilled holes in the base of the wall to allow air to get back behind the drywall to help with the drying process and prevent any mold growth or further water damage. After baseboards were removed and holes were drilled fans and dehumidifiers were placed strategically to begin the drying process. Once fans and dehumidifiers were placed to prevent any further water damage, ceiling drywall tiles that were saturated from the leak were safely cutout and removed. Once all drywall that was ruined by water damage was removed, AdvantaClean strategically ran electrical cords under racks and taped all loose wire and hoses to the floor so Bealls could reopen on Sunday. AdvantaClean went back to the store the next couple of days to monitor and move the equipment and check how the building was drying. Due to the amount of the water and the extent of the water loss and water damage, Bealls should have been closed for a couple of days, but thanks to AdvantaClean, Bealls was only closed on Saturday and was able to open for normal business on Sunday. AdvantaClean understands how important it is for businesses to be open, that’s why we worked all night and day in order for them to get back open as soon as possible. So the next time you experience a water loss and are in search of emergency water damage restoration, be sure to give AdvantaClean of the South Plains a call.

water damage in Lamesa TX water damage from a leaky pipe

water damage ruining this department store in Lamesa TX water damage extraction

water damage soaking through this stores clothes water damage soaking through the roof from a burst pipe

water damage clean up and remediation in Lamesa TX water damage job done by AdvantaClean of the South Plains

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