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Attics can be the most tucked-away area of any home or workplace – it’s easy to overlook the storage space on cleaning day! However, it is necessary to properly clean and ventilate your attic to ensure the air quality of your home or workplace. The HVAC ductwork system and insulation are usually found in the attic. Because these are the most important components of a home or business, it is even more important to take preventative measures so that your attic stays clean, and mold-free – it will make a difference in your health and overall air quality.

AdvantaClean offers many tools and cleaning solutions to create effective attic moisture control. We’ve been proudly performing successful attic inspections and cleanings for more than twenty years!

Attic mold and mildew in Oklahoma City


Attic Cleaning

In order to avoid any serious safety or health issues, your attic needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Unclean attic vents, improper attic insulation, and a lack of attic ventilation put everyone in your home or business at risk. Properly cleaning your can be difficult and time consuming, which is why AdvantaClean is proud to offer a professional attic cleaning. We’ll take the time so you don’t have to!

Attic Inspections

Your ductwork, plumbing and other integral systems are all found in your attic, making regular inspections of these features important to the safety and health of everyone in any home or business.

Attic Weatherproofing

Attics are usually found at the very top of any building; since heat rises, these spaces frequently become hot and humid, especially in the summer. Because your attic is also the closest room to your roof, it is more prone to precipitation than any other room. AdvantaClean will work with you to create a plan to keep your attic properly weatherproofed and free of any harmful moisture.

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