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AdvantaClean of Salinas' mold removal and mold remediation specialists offer your Carmel by the Sea, California home with expert and knowledgeable services to clean your property from mold damage. Mold is a dangerous infestation in the indoor environment. It harms any organic surface it touches and can affect your health, especially when it's black mold. Occupants may suffer from coughing, congestion, migraines, and other allergy-like symptoms. Even if you don't see any mold or black mold growing in your home, you can still have a problem. Some mold is non-visible, growing inside walls, attics, basements, and crawlspace. The first warning signs of a mold problem are commonly health symptoms and a strong musty or mildew odor.

Our mold remediation and mold removal approach start with a mold testing or mold inspection appointment. We use mold testing and mold inspections to find the source and extent of your mold growth to determine the best course of action. Removing the mold entails using a HEPA-filtered vacuum, anti-microbial spray, and dehumidifier to remove visible mold and non-visible mold spores.

You can trust AdvantaClean of Salinas to clean your Carmel by the Sea area home from top to bottom. Call today!


Moisture is a common cause of microbial growth. When it gathers in your basement, attic, or crawl space, severe damage can occur. Cracks in your basement wall, inadequate ventilation in your attic, and lack of a crawl space vapor barrier can all contribute to a moisture problem and mold growth. We offer moisture control solutions including basement waterproofing, installation of a dehumidifier, and crawl space encapsulation. Basement waterproofing uses techniques like sealing cracks and gaps while crawl space encapsulation utilizes industrial-strength plastic to cover the walls and floor of the crawlspace, keeping moisture out and preventing mold growth. Call AdvantaClean today for your moisture control appointment!


Our experienced technicians are highly trained in water removal and water damage restoration, providing services 24/7. Your Carmel by the Sea, California home is in safe, capable, and talented hands with AdvantaClean of Salinas.

Water is exceptionally detrimental, no matter the source. We enter your home prepared to extract water and moisture from the affected areas and salvage as much material as possible. We are IICRC certified and proficient in proper flood cleanup and sewer cleanup procedures. Flood cleanup and sewer cleanup are critical and time sensitive. Water damage introduces harmful bacteria, creating a toxic environment for your family or employees. Call AdvantaClean straight away for your water removal and water damage restoration needs!


Air duct cleanings are essential because they reduce the number of airborne contaminants circulating throughout your home or business. Pollutants of any kind are dangerous, but when they gather inside your ductwork, they are especially harmful to anyone suffering from chronic respiratory conditions. The best way to clean the home of harmful particulate matter and reduce the amount of dust in the air is to schedule regular air duct cleanings.

Dryer vent fires cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. The safest and surest way to prevent fire damage to your home or business is to schedule an annual dryer vent cleaning. Dryer vent fires occur when lint clogs the vent leading outside, and the hot air produced by the dryer has nowhere to go. The lint can ignite, and a fire ensues. AdvantaClean of Salinas is experienced with nearly every make and model on the market, making us invaluable in the dryer vent cleaning process. Schedule yours today!

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