Dryer vent cleaning is just one of the many services offered at AdvantaClean. We're proud to serve the residents of Seattle, WA, and we're ready to inspect your dryer vent to see if you require our work.

The AdvantaClean franchise was established in 1994 and continues to spread across the U.S. as more branches open. Home and business owners alike have come to trust our brand for cleaning that keeps their property free of any health risks. In the case of dryer vent cleaning, we can prevent mold from growing and fires from starting. Let us explain in more detail.

Dryer Vent Hazards

The duct that flows from your clothes dryer to the exterior of your building is called the dryer vent. It's normally made out of a flexible metal or plastic. Every time you run your dryer, it ejects lint and dirt through those vents; when they're combined with the moisture that's also being blown out, they can create a substance that will be hard to dislodge. Enough of it, and the dryer's performance will be affected. Not only that, but condensation will develop, leading to mold and mildew growth.

Most exhaust vents are found on the side of buildings, but they may sometimes snake their way up to the roof, discouraging any DIY attempts at dryer vent cleaning. It's also not uncommon for people to experience issues with the dryer vent because a technician improperly installed it.

In addition, it may not be enough to occasionally clean out the lint filter, though this will prevent a fire in that section of the dryer. The entire length of the ductwork may have to be cleaned in addition to the wall cap and, if applicable, roof cap. At AdvantaClean of Central Seattle, we recommend dryer vent cleaning once a year, as this is the fire safety recommendation.

Our Seattle team will expertly scrape away the dirt and grime that has collected in your vents. We'll uncoil the vent so that we can reach the dirt in the twists and turns, and we'll pay special attention to the transition hose. Our dryer vent cleaning chemicals meet the federal health standards set by the EPA, and our employees follow OSHA regulations. If there's mold to vacuum up, we'll use HEPA filters to trap the spores.


Energy Efficiency

Aside from being a fire hazard, not conducting a proper annual dryer vent cleaning can be hard on your energy bill. As lint builds in the vent and hoses, less air gets through to the dryer. This makes the appliance work harder to do the same amount of clothing, adding to the time required to dry and increasing the use of gas or electricity and impacting your utility bill. A properly cleaned dryer vent will save you money, allowing your dryer to run at maximum efficiency. A yearly scheduled dryer vent cleaning performed by a knowledgeable professional will save you money on your utility bill.

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