Case Studies

Residential water loss cleanup

Location: Wentzville, MS 63385

Problem: Home owners master bath overflowed due to the dogs accidentaly turning it on while the owner was not home. This caused saturation of the subfloor and pad in the bathroom, master bedroom, closet, upstairs hallway. The water continued to travel affecting the drywall ceilings and upper walls in the laudry room, 1st floor bathroom, and garage. The garage was located just beneath the bathtub, so most of the water damage was done to the garage ceiling.

Solution: We arrived and first pulled back the carpet in affected areas to expose the saturated pad. The pad was extracted, bagged and then removed until unaffected pad was reached.

We then set up drying equipment on all affected floors and rooms of the house. The carpet was rolled back out to allow us to place fans underneath to "float" the carpet, drying it out.

The back half of the garage ceiling drywall and insulation was removed to get rid of the moisture trapped within it and allow airflow to the subfloor above.

The drying took 2 days and we were able to save the carpet for the owner.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Location: St. Louis, MS 63112

Problem: Employees of an office were complaining of a dusty work environment along with coughing and minor illnesses.

Solution: We were called in to clean the air ducts to help the air quality of the offices. There were multiple units all located above the drop ceiling in various areas of the large office space.

We first came up with a plan to do the cleaning over a couple overnights to avoid interrupting business during normal day time hours...taking care of 3-4 units a night.

We cut access holes in the bottom of the units and hooked our vacuum machine up to draw in any duct or contaminates which also supplies negative pressure to ensure no dust or debris escapes into the office space. We then proceed to clean the duct work with compressed air using various air rods and whips. Once complete, the access holes are sealed up and we moved to the next unit.

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