Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Lakewood, WA

Environmental cleaning isn't normally something that you should do on your own. That's where AdvantaClean comes in. We can travel anywhere in Lakewood, WA, and we're available 24/7 for emergencies like floods and mold infestations. Everything we do is backed by the more than 20 years' experience of a national brand.

We follow the highest standards for work, making sure to follow EPA and OSHA health regulations. We're also MICRO-certified and IICRC-certified.

Mold Removal

If you or another occupant is suffering from flu-like symptoms, fatigue, or shortness of breath for no apparent reason, you might have mold on your property. Our certified mold remediation specialists can come and remove this fungus from any surface - walls, ceilings, drainpipes, etc. - using HEPA vacuums. We also disinfect surfaces with an antimicrobial chemical. Encapsulation is available for those surfaces that don't respond to treatment.

Another form of encapsulation we offer is called crawl space encapsulation. By installing a vapor barrier across the walls and dirt floor, our team will be able to reduce humidity and the presence of condensation. This makes encapsulation a great way to prevent mold growth.

Lastly, we're always ready to provide mold inspections for concerned property owners. We can use mold testing kits to detect it in the air, and we'll recognize mold when we see it or smell it. If we find something whose identity eludes us, we'll take a sample of it for lab analysis.

Water Damage Restoration

From the water removal onward, you can count on us for skilled mitigation. We know what it takes to restore properties in the aftermath of floods, storms, spills, and plumbing leaks. Our trucks already carry fans, floor scrubbers, portable pumps, and other necessary equipment, so you won't have to wait long for us to arrive.

After we extract the pools of water and dry the interior, we'll turn our attention to any belongings that incurred water damage. We'll sanitize fabrics with chlorine bleach and steam clean carpets and rugs in order to rid them of bacteria and other water-borne contaminants. In the end, our employees can set up dehumidifiers in those areas that are at risk for mold and mildew growth.

You could ask us about ways to prevent future flooding; we even offer basement waterproofing as a way to fortify your walls. Let us also assist you with your insurance claim, if applicable.

Air Duct Cleaning

By circulating outside air, your HVAC system can deposit dirt, dust, and pollen into your ducts. This debris will eventually build up and affect your indoor air quality. Our team will vacuum out every bit of this debris and scrape away whatever is caked on. In addition, we can perform dryer vent cleanings; we'll remove the lint buildup in your vent so your dryer can operate efficiently.

Our services include but are not limited to:

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AdvantaClean provides both residential and commercial services in Lakewood, WA, and whenever we consult with customers about their needs, we give cost estimates that are tailored to the situation at hand.

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